cPanel & WHM 11.30 released to STABLE tier

After two months of continued refinement, cPanel & WHM 11.30 is now available in the STABLE tier. With native support for CloudLinux, support for RHEL 6 and CentOS 6, a completely re-designed update process, Long Term Support commitment, and hundreds of bug fixes, features, and improvements, this release lays the …

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cPanel Conference 2011: Registration Opening Soon. You Don't Want to Miss This

Preparations for cPanel Conference 2011 are well under way. The conference website, will officially launch this upcoming week. This means that exhibitor and attendee registration is almost open! Thinking About Attending? We think you’re on the right track to making a genius decision. cPanel Conference 2011 is going to …

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30-Minute Webinar: My Website Processes Debit/Credit Card Transactions. Why Should I Care About PCI Compliance?

As eCommerce continues to increase in popularity, the ability to comply with server management standards becomes more important.  These standards are set by the industry that oversees debit and credit card transactions. If you have questions about PCI compliance, then please join cPanel Technical Product Specialist David Grega and Strategic …

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Exim Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability Notification (CVE-2010-4344)

Summary A memory corruption vulnerability exists in Exim versions 4.69 and older (CVE-2010-4344). Exim is the mail transfer agent used by cPanel & WHM. Security Rating This update has been rated as Important by the cPanel Security team. Description A memory corruption vulnerability has been discovered in Exim.  This vulnerability …

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Latest 30-Minute Webinar: "Overcoming Your Fear of SSH"

If you have recently started running your own server, are new to system administration, or currently serve as Level 1 technical support staff, then you may have a fear of SSH. Have no fear because the ’30-Minute Webinar” is here! David Grega and Mario Rodriguez will close out 2010 by …

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secpolicy.pdf Don’t know why this is here. No title, no description…. Unpublish?

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cPanel HTTP Response Splitting Vulnerability

Summary A HTTP response splitting vulnerability was discovered in versions of cPanel prior to 11.25.0 Build 42174. This vulnerability has been addressed and corrected. An open redirection vulnerability was also discovered in 11.25.0 builds prior to 43786 which is also corrected. Security Rating This update has been rated as having …

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cPanel Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

Summary A cross site scripting vulnerability has been discovered in our 11.24.x versions of cPanel that has been addressed and fixed in our 11.25.x series of the product. Security Rating This update has been rated as having a trivial security impact by the cPanel Security team. Description The dofileop.html page …

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cPanel Security Advisory: CVE 2008-2043

Summary cPanel 11.25.0 provides mechanisms to prevent Cross Site Request Forgery attacks. Security Rating This update has been rated as having an Important security rating by the cPanel Security team. Description All versions of cPanel prior to version 11.25.0 are vulnerable to cross site request forgery attacks. Cross-site request forgery, …

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Error: "PEAR: command not found"

<!– Error: “PEAR: command not found” –> The error If you build PHP with PEAR, and the script pear does not exist on your server, this is what happened: At some point, /usr/local/bin/pear and/or /usr/bin/pear were manually removed. The directories /usr/local/lib/php/.registry and/or /usr/lib/php/.registry exist. During PHP’s make install, the existence …

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