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cPanel continually improves its software to meet the demands of its customers. cPanel’s Feature Request System provides a dynamic environment for thought-provoking discussion.

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Defining a Successful Product Feature Request

Feature requests allow cPanel Community members to request features that can potentially be added to cPanel & WHM. The detailed, yet vital, process is key to ensuring that we continue to provide the best functionality possible.

The distinctive path each product feature takes, from initial request to final implementation, is reliant on connecting with our ever-important customers.

While the product feature request process does not always follow a linear path with strictly defined steps, successful product feature requests:

  1. Are both recommended and supported by the cPanel community
  2. Add a real benefit
    for our software
  3. Make sense for our software’s overall functionality

How Do Your Feature Requests Improve cPanel® & WHM® Software?

Feature requests ultimately save developer resources because a feature only has to be implemented once (even when software updates are released).

Feature requests also continue our mission to provide you with the power, control, and security your web hosting company needs.

What Are the Steps to Submit a Feature Request?

  1. cPanel Community Users Submit Feature Requests
    A new product feature request makes its first appearance in the “New” area of cPanel’s Feature Request System. cPanel Community participants simply input their idea in the “Feature Request” field to submit a new product feature request.
  2. cPanel Community Users Provide Initial Feedback
    Next, fellow cPanel Community participants may offer feedback on the original product feature request by responding to the feature request. Positive feedback within cPanel’s Feature Request System is imperative for a product feature request to proceed.
  3. Developers Discuss Ease of Implementation
    At this point, an Official Representative must decide whether a proposed product feature request meets cPanel quality standards. They must also consider the practicality of implementing the proposed feature. One of the ways an Official Representative checks the practicality of a feature is through consultation with the cPanel Development Team.
  4. Community Review Report Posted to Feature Request for Feedback
    After much discussion, a general agreement on the proposed feature request usually surfaces. An Official Representative then generates an official report describing the suggested functionality and presents it to the cPanel Community participants within the original corresponding feature request.
  5. Development Processes Request
    Once the report for the product feature request has been vetted, an Official Representative sends it to the Development Team for consideration. 

**A filed report does not guarantee implementation, but it does significantly elevate the status of the Feature Request.**