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cPanel® Migration Services

Migrate from your current non-cPanel platform. Our team of skilled technical analysts possesses the knowledge and experience to efficiently perform protocol-based migrations.

Why Migrate to cPanel?

Eliminate legacy hardware & software by switching to cPanel!
Increase functionality of your automation platform
Reduce customer
churn by increasing stability
Introduce new features and functionality to your customers

Free Migration Service! Migration is free with an active cPanel® software license, if the prerequisites are met. We will review migrations in advance for pre-approval.*

Prerequisites for migration:

  • New Installation of cPanel software without existing accounts.
  • A valid cPanel software license. (If you need a temporary license, please go to https://www.cpanel.net/store/)
  • Root access to the server from which you are transferring the accounts (i.e., the remote server).
  • Your cPanel server must be running the latest CURRENT release of cPanel and WHM® software.
  • The MySQL version on your remote server should be at least 4.1.
  • The Perl version on your remote server should be at least 5.6.2.

The cPanel® Migration Protocol

The migration process begins with an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the original server, to identify issues such as software compatibility and resource utilization. When the analysis is complete, our technical analyst will provide you with an expert opinion and a list of potential issues prior to starting the transfer.

During the transfer process, the cPanel Migration Team will perform non-intrusive tests to assess and validate the migration. During the transfer, our Migration Team has direct contact with the cPanel Development Team. This allows us to provide migration scripts that resolve issues and assist in the overall process when necessary.

Meet your migration team

cPanel places a high priority on migrations. We have taken a great deal of pride in assembling a team of experts who will provide the best possible service. For your migration, you will be provided with a full list of direct contacts that include the Migration Team, Managers, and Operations Personnel.

Supported Platforms and OS

No migration too big or small. We offer our migration service to any license holder, ranging from single servers to entire data centers. Our Migration Team is dedicated to handling advanced data migrations and providing you with enterprise-level support.

Supported Migration Platforms:

  • DirectAdmin
  • Ensim / Parallels Pro
  • Plesk
Supported OS Platforms:

  • CentOS (version 5.x or 6.x)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (version 5.x or 6.x)
  • CloudLinux (version 5.x or 6.X)

How to start the process?

  1. Submit a request – To begin a migration, you must have an operational cPanel® server. Then, submit a support ticket via https://tickets.cpanel.net/submit/. The ticket should be in the following format:

    Subject: Migration:

    Your Company Name: Hostname or IP of server to be transferred For example, if your company name was Big Server Provider, the subject of the new support ticket would be the following:

    Subject: Migration: Big Server Provider: host.someserver.net

  2. Initial evaluation – One of our migration specialists will perform an evaluation on the source server to determine whether it is a suitable candidate for a successful migration. Our specialist will analyze available disk space vs. the amount of data to be moved, operating system version, system software versions, database management system versions, available memory, and average CPU usage, and will test the network connection between the target and source servers.
  3. Customized migration plan – Our specialist will generate a customized plan for the migration, including an estimated timeframe for completion.
  4. Scheduling – In order to provide the highest level of service, migrations are scheduled in advance. In your migration plan, our migration specialist will indicate available windows for beginning the transfer. Due to network, hardware and other variables outside of our specialist’s control, we can only make an estimate on the actual duration of your migration. Migrations may take longer than expected.
  5. Progress updates – We provide a migration hotline that you may call for status updates on your migration: 1-877-288-1492.
  6. Coordinate DNS switchover – Unless an immediate switch is scheduled, your DNS records will remain pointing at the original server until the transfer is verified and complete. If your server’s DNS records are controlled or hosted by the domain registrar, you should transfer them to a local DNS server before migrating to avoid delays.
  7. Confirmation of completion – Once the migration process is fully complete, our migration specialist will confirm your satisfaction with the process.

*We reserve the right to deny this service. Final testing and validation are explicitly the responsibility of the requester of this service.