The cPanel Infrastructure

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The cPanel® & WHM® Infrastructure

How cPanel & WHM Software Works on Your Server

Web Hosting Server Architecture:

cPanel & WHM:
On top of the Web Hosting Server Architecture, cPanel & WHM software provides a clean interface to automate tasks, deploy new accounts and hundreds of other tasks.

Web Services:
cPanel & WHM software works with web services such as PHP, DNS, Mail, and many more. With a few clicks, updates and changes happen to services with no command line knowledge needed.

Operating System:
At the bottom of the stack is the operating system on the server. cPanel & WHM software interfaces with the operating system to automate many of the processes. Using cPanel & WHM software with CloudLinux provides hosting companies and data centers with the first commercially-supported Linux Operating System (OS) that is optimized for their needs, ensuring spikes in resource usage won’t take down an entire server.

cPanel® and WHM® Architecture:

cPanel & WHM software provide multi-tier system to server administrators. This allows lower-level admins and users to take care of the day-to-day processes, such as email creation.

Server Administrator
The top tier and highest-level user is the “root” user. This is the server administrator and has the highest-level access to the server. The server administrator can create and remove other accounts. The server administrator also has access to all lower levels of users. The server administrator has full access to all parts of the WHM interface. There is only one server administrator per server.

The reseller user is a subordinate of the server administrator. Like the server administrator, the reseller can create and remove accounts under them. The reseller also has access to all accounts under their account. The server administrator sets the rights and abilities of the reseller. The reseller has access to the WHM interface, set by the server administrator. There can be multiple resellers per server.

User Account
The user account is a subordinate of either the server administrator or a reseller. This account can create websites, email address, subdomains or any other rights given to them by either the server administrator or the reseller that owns their account.