The cPanel® Service Distribution

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The cPanel® & WHM® Service Distribution

Easily Scale Your Setup as You Grow

cPanel & WHM

The cPanel & WHM software platform features a full control panel system. Through WHM®, system administrators can control every aspect of a server through a simple and easy to use interface. cPanel provides a simple interface for web hosting customers to access and control their daily tasks, from email account management, to file management and much much more.

cPanel DNSOnly

The cPanel DNSOnly platform provides a dedicated nameserver. This nameserver links to other server(s) using WHM’s DNS Clustering feature. This allows changes to DNS information on any webserver in the DNS cluster to automatically update to the nameserver. This removes the need for each server to run its own nameserver software.

Remote MySQL Server

cPanel & WHM software can work with a remote MySQL server to remove the load of running a local instance of MySQL. After setting up a MySQL server, simply link the server through the WHM interface and transfer existing data to the remote server.