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Dedicated Physical Nameserver

cPanel® DNSONLY product allows those that utilize cPanel & WHM® software, for large hosting operations, to separate DNS from the local server, and run it within dedicated infrastructure.

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Multiple servers can use DNSONLY to manage centralized DNS. Coupled with DNS Clustering, web hosting providers are able to run a high-capacity DNSONLY solution that directly integrates with cPanel & WHM® software.

During account creation, cPanel & WHM use built in automation to create zone records on the the remote DNS servers. If clustering is available, the primary nameserver automatically syncs with the secondary nameserver.

The main advantage to DNSONLY is stability and scalability:

If your web server has an outage, your DNS information stays accessible, even when your web server is offline. This allows visitors to reach websites on your server more quickly after the web server comes back online. Additionally, you can move accounts from one server to another without your customers having to change their DNS records. For these reasons, DNSONLY is optimal for web hosts running multiple servers.

Installation of DNSONLY:

cPanel DNSONLY should only be installed on dedicated physical nameservers with no previous content on them. All machines in your DNS cluster must be running cPanel or cPanel DNSONLY version 11 or higher. Some features may not work with older versions of cPanel. The DNSONLY product is free of charge.