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New 15-Day Trial License Process

Upon successful installation of cPanel® & WHM® software, qualifying customers* will receive a 15-day free trial to ensure cPanel software features and functionality meets their needs. The trial license will automatically expire after 15-days of successful installation.


  1. The trial license will only be activated if your server’s IP address has no previous license history. You can check to see if your IP address is eligible by typing the IP here:

  2. If your IP address has previous license history or a trial license is not automatically issued for your server, it means the server is unfortunately not eligible for the free trial.

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Helpful resources

For additional information about cPanel® & WHM® software functionality, check out these helpful resources:

Other helpful options for your consideration

  • Contact your licensing provider to see if they can provide a temporary activation
  • If your current data center does not offer cPanel® software licenses, contact one of our Authorized Distributors at:
  • Purchase a license directly from the cPanel® Store at:
  • If you have any questions about these options, please contact our Customer Service Team at:

Thank you for considering cPanel software! We no longer provide extended trial periods, but hope you enjoy the free 15 day trial, and that it exceeds your expectations.