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“When asked recently, 88 percent of customers said
cPanel & WHM® positively helped their business in 2011.”

Growth Through Partnership

As a data center, your main focus is filling up your servers and racks. Offering cPanel & WHM software can help you acquire those new accounts. How? It’s simple.

Rapidly-growing hosting providers are attracted to cPanel because they can easily automate their server management tasks, while letting you easily manage yours. This allows both you and the hosting provider time to focus efforts on scaling your businesses. Therefore, data centers that offer cPanel & WHM software win with hosting providers.

Why Partner?

As a cPanel Partner NOC, you’ll receive exclusive access to services and features designed to help you successfully deploy and manage cPanel & WHM software, including:

The Process is Simple.  Apply Today and You’ll Hear From Us Within 24 Hours

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Application Process

You will be asked a few questions about the services you offer and how we can serve you. Within 24 hours, our customer service team will be in touch with additional details on how to continue your application process.

  • 01Fill out an inquiry form
  • 0224 Hours Turnaround
  • 03Customer Service
  • 04cPanel Partner NOC

Once all information is received and verified, we will set up an account for you as a cPanel Partner NOC within one business week. With the exclusive benefits you’ll have as a cPanel Partner NOC and the power of cPanel & WHM software, you’ll be empowered to grow your business.

Partner NOC Qualifications

  • Have $300 or more in monthly licensing
  • Wish to pay for your licenses on a monthly basis
  • Maintain your own data center or IP address space
  • Wish to automate license activation via API

Interested in becoming a cPanel Partner NOC? That’s terrific! Take a moment and fill out the form. Once submitted, the information that is needed in order to continue forward with the application process will be provided.

Have a question?

Please feel free to call us at 1-713-529-0800. We are here to help you get the most out of your cPanel & WHM experience.