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Speed: One Benefit of Partnering With Us

cPanel Partner NOCs Can Deploy cPanel® & WHM® Via Our Exclusive Fast Update Service

What is the Fast Update Service and How Does it Work?

Fast Update is an exclusive service that only cPanel Partner NOCs and cPanel Distributors can offer. Facilities offer Fast Update service to reduce bandwidth consumed by servers, within their facility, receiving cPanel software updates. By dramatically reducing the demand for bandwidth, bandwidth costs are potentially reduced.

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The Fast Update service gives cPanel Partners the ability to install and deploy cPanel from a local mirror, instead of through the traditional internet. cPanel builds Fast Update servers using high-quality hardware and sends them to facilities around the world. The facilities handle the power and network connectivity, while the servers are maintained remotely by cPanel’s team of system administrators.

This is done to ensure quality control on the delivery of our software so servers around the world using cPanel software have a uniformly high-quality experience when installing and updating cPanel-supplied software.

How Does Fast Update Benefit cPanel Distributors & Partner NOCs?

  • Highly efficient distribution system comprised of more than 50 servers worldwide
  • Increases install and update speeds by up to 400 percent
  • Reduces bandwidth costs
  • Fewer service interruptions for the clients of cPanel partners
  • Allows you to reallocate resources to other areas

How Can I Become a Fast Update Provider?

Thank you for your interest in improving the performance of our software for your customers! Fast Update servers are part of our international infrastructure for software delivery. As a result, much thought goes into the expansion of this delivery network.

While receiving a Fast Update server is ultimately subject to the need in a geographic region, here are a few steps you can take toward qualifying:

  • Be a cPanel Partner NOC or cPanel Distributor
  • Have an adjusted license count of 500 or more.*
  • Possess a good payment history with cPanel for a period of 12 consecutive months leading up to your request for a server.
  • Do not firewall the server to prevent other facilities from utilizing it.

If you meet the above requirements, and you are a cPanel Partner NOC, then please contact our sales team to continue this conversation.

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*We do have facilities that offer Fast Update and fall below this license count requirement. If you are in this situation, be sure to mention this when contacting us, so we can discuss alternatives.