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Is cPanel® & WHM® Software Right For You?

If One of the Following Scenarios Describes Your Business, Then cPanel & WHM is Perfect For Your Data Center.


I’m losing money by having to constantly hire and train more technical staff to assist customers.

By offering cPanel to your customers, you can drive down support costs. First, cPanel products are designed to meet a high standard of quality. All software we distribute undergoes extensive testing prior to it ever reaching your server ensuring that it works well. Our software is intuitive even to novice system administrators, while offering powerful command-line tools that experienced system administrators expect. This means that our software will readily meet the needs of your customers, reducing their need to contact you for functionality inquiries. Furthermore, since cPanel is a very popular software application for web hosting, it is common when hiring technical staff with web hosting industry experience to find that many in your pool of candidates are already intimately familiar with cPanel software, thus reducing the time an existing employee needs to spend training your new staff.


I’m constantly acquiring new customers but it seems we’re not growing.

What you are experiencing is high churn, and offering cPanel software will lower that churn. Essentially what is happening is you are losing customers as fast as you gain them, perhaps because they feel their needs are much better met with cPanel software which you do not currently offer. While cPanel will meet the needs of that segment, another segment to be mindful of is new system administrators whom have never run their own server. cPanel offers many tools to make this experience easy. Combined with our Application Catalog, they can have all the tools they need integrate with cPanel software, providing their customers with a unique hosting experience. Our software is relatively easy to use for novices, while being able to meet their sophisticated needs; this is important for reducing churn.

In our interaction with customers of data centers, and visiting many of our Partner NOCs in person, we have noticed that customers often will blame data centers if they are offered or encouraged to use software they do not understand, or that cannot meet their needs. This often results in their moving to another facility rather than consulting the data center to inquire if better options exist to fulfill their needs. Armed with this information, you can offer cPanel software to your customers, then follow up a few months after the initial sale to ensure our software is doing the job you and your customers need it to do. As always, if you need our software to do something new, we are here to listen.


Our financial guys are looking for new revenue streams for our facility so we’re looking to boost sales.

While the industry may be growing into increasingly novice territory with regards to system administrators, as a consumer these individuals are well informed and know what they desire. Many know they want to use cPanel software since they have been using it since opening their first website on one of the world’s largest hosting providers. Surprising to many data centers that begin offering cPanel, they discover many of their existing customers have been using cPanel software for many years, paying someone else for their licensing. Just ask your system administrators to run a port scan to see who has port 2083 open, and that will help you discover how many of your current customers are already using cPanel. Why should those licensing fees be paid to another company when they could be going to you? By partnering with cPanel, Inc. you can often offer a lower price than our distributors (all of whom operate globally). This allows you to keep the profits for yourself, thus opening a new revenue stream from existing customers without having them change what they’re running on their servers. However, if you have customers running other control panels, you can act either as man-in-the-middle or just relay them to us for our free migration services.

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