cPanel Plugins

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Add Interface Links in the cPanel Interface

Plugins allow hosts to add links to applications they have developed, or third party links, even those outside of the cPanel® interface.

Creating a Plugin Install File for X3 and Paper Lantern

Follow the directions found in the How to Register a Plugin

Deprecated: Install File Generator

Adding a plugin to the cPanel® interface is simple. To do so, you need to generate an installation file using the Install file Generator below.

Name of the Plugin:

Module Description:

Feature Manager Feature will be an option in the feature manager.

Display Name (cPanel Interface):

What cPanel icon group the icon should appear in. (Currently only in x3).

Name of a new icon group to display.

Display Order within the group:

Plugin URL Access:
(relative to /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/<theme_name>/).

Anchor Content:
(Data in this field will be included in the anchor tags, you can use something like target=”_blank” etc.)

On Click Event:
Use as anchor tags. ex: —JavaScript_HERE_; return false;

Plugin Icon:
32 x 32 pixel icon to be displayed in cPanel (jpg or png only, image will be resized to 32×32 automatically).

After generating an install file, you can install the plugin on any cPanel server by following the instructions provided.

View cPanel Plugins Installation Instructions