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cPanel® & WHM®’s APIs

A Powerful Platform For Automating Web Hosting— Your Way

Through your code in languages such as PHP and Perl, you can access cPanel’s APIs to integrate billing solutions and applications, mass deploy and automate installations, and administer your client licenses.

Numerous developers have successfully integrated their applications with cPanel & WHM. From Auto-Installers to Security Tools, we’ve provided a way for your application to integrate seamlessly with the features of cPanel & WHM.

Why Integrate Your Application With cPanel® & WHM® Software?

cPanel & WHM software maintains the largest installation base of web hosting control panels world wide. In fact we maintain a 3:1 ratio on hosted domains compared to our next most popular commercially available solution. Integrating your application with cPanel & WHM software offers 3 major market opportunities.

  • Direct exposure to the world’s top web hosting providers and data centers.
  • Access to a multi-millions wide market of web hosting accounts.
  • Active placement within the thriving cPanel community through co-marketing programs such as our Application Catalog.

Successful integrators with a strong desire to tap into the web hosting market are able to work directly with a committed team of cPanel Developers to extend cPanel & WHM functionality, entering into a very lucrative market.

Integrate Billing and Support Software

Whether you’re developing or integrating a custom or commercial billing platform, by using the APIs, you have access to all of the account functions in WHM software, including adding and removing accounts, setting up email piping for support, generating SSL signing requests, installing certificates, plus much more, all without logging in through WHM or cPanel.

Since the APIs on your cPanel & WHM server can also be accessed remotely, your software can be installed locally on the server or interact remotely to perform your necessary accounting and support functions, making the ability to serve your customers’ needs more centralized and streamlined.

Administrate Licenses With Manage2 Billing API

The Manage2 billing API, available exclusively to partners, is an easy way to maintain your licenses with us. Using the Manage2 API, you can perform maintenance tasks such as automatic provisioning and deprovisioning of licenses as servers are provisioned and deprovisioned, change license’s IP addresses, list license information, and more.

Daily Automation

One of the key features to cPanel & WHM software is the use of hooks to automate daily tasks. Using our hooks system, you can automate the creation of various items within your server, such as MySQL databases, user accounts, and more.