Themes and Branding

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Customize cPanel & WHM For Your Brand

You Can Edit Themes and Branding Right From the cPanel Interface

Adding an Icon to cPanel®

For adding custom icons to the cPanel interface, we’ve created an online tool called the Install File Generator. Using the generator will enable you to create an install file for registering your plugin within your cPanel server, and add an icon to the cPanel interface.

Within the generator, you specify the details of your icon including the internal access URL of where the icon is located in your server, which group within cPanel to display the icon, and the picture to use for the icon.

After creating the install file, simply upload the plugin to your cPanel server and run the file from within SSH. Your icon will now appear in your user’s cPanel interface. You also have the option to control the icon’s appearance in specific packages from within the feature manager, or uninstall the icon through SSH.

Differences between Branding and Theming

Manage Themes

Managing Themes within WHM® software gives you the ability to create and manage your cPanel & WHM®, webmail, and login themes. By editing your cPanel & WHM themes, you have the ability to control the underlying functionality of your server interfaces.

Branding Editor

The Branding Editor allows you to modify the look and feel of your cPanel interface. You can add in custom header and footer images, change link colors and also icons. Through the Branding Editor, you can create a custom feel matching your company’s brand.

Using APIs to create a Unique look and feel.

Through the APIs available within your cPanel server, you can streamline your cPanel branding during deployments. By automating the changes of your server themes and branding on a wide scale, mass deployments can be done quickly and effectively, removing the need to make tedious manual changes.