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The White-Label Control Panel

From Branding cPanel® With Your Company’s Logo to Adding Third-Party Apps to WHM, Your Ability to Customize Our Software is Limitless

Themes and Branding

Managing themes and branding your cPanel software interface are just a few ways you can customize cPanel. Learn more about themes and branding, including how you can easily streamline your cPanel branding during deployments.

Themes and Branding

cPanel® API

We have developed a flexible Application Programming Interface (API), which quickly and effectively connects with cPanel & WHM functions, giving you the ability to develop your own custom applications and extensions.

As you develop your own applications, you can call a range of functions spread across two APIs: one designed to facilitate adding, modifying, or deleting data on your server, the other focused on returning data that’s compatible with web browser display. In addition, we’ve also developed XML and JSON APIs for using cPanel & WHM with your own software.

Together, the functionality of these APIs opens up incredible possibilities for customizing cPanel & WHM, automating many of the tasks within.

Start developing applications and extending the functionality of cPanel & WHM with our Software Development Kit (SDK). This comprehensive support section also details the various ways to package and deploy your finished applications.

Software Dev Kit

cPanel® Application Catalog

cPanel features over two hundred different third-party applications in our Application Catalog. This is a powerful tool that allows you to locate, extend, and automate cPanel software. With custom applications you can do various things, such as billing, security, and multiserver management.

You can build and submit your own custom cPanel application to our Application Catalog. Once listed, you’ll have access to receiving user ratings, as well as high visibility to your product.

This catalog of software includes themes and skins, email tools, administrative software, and smartphone-compatible software for system administration on-the-go. Our Application Catalog also features a comments and ratings system, as well as straightforward installation information to make extending cPanel & WHM a quick and easy process.

For expanding the capabilities of the cPanel & WHM software, take a look through our comprehensive Application Catalog, which features the best applications developed by the cPanel community.

Application Catalog