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Is cPanel® & WHM® Right For You?

If One of the Following Scenarios Describes Your Business, Then cPanel & WHM Software is Perfect For You


Organizations that need to manage multiple websites, and that need a graphical user interface to manage their server.

Managing multiple websites or properties can be cumbersome and time consuming for organizations. cPanel & WHM software provides these organizations with a fully-configured solution that allows them to easily administer websites, emails, databases, and applications.

More importantly, after the solution is setup, administrators can hand over website administrations to end users who then can use cPanel & WHM software to independently manage their website(s).


Organizations that want to become highly competitive with their web hosting services.

It is most likely that these high-growth organizations have already made cPanel & WHM software as their platform of choice. They are selling subscriber-based services and could mass consume servers, cloud services, and infrastructure.

These organizations choose cPanel for three simple reasons:
  • They need to be competitive in the web hosting market, and cPanel & WHM software provides both the functionality and familiarity they are looking for.
  • They need to have a demand for their services, and cPanel & WHM software is used by millions of website owners around the world.
  • They need to be prepared to scale from small to large, and cPanel & WHM software provides API-based automation to make that possible.


Organizations that have a website, but have outgrown their current shared web hosting.

Millions of people use cPanel & WHM software to manage their website(s).

They have become comfortable with adding emails, databases, and managing the configuration of their website. In many cases, these website owners outgrow standard shared web hosting and need a viable new option for their website.

The current cPanel & WHM website owners who move to the next level of hosting do so from shared to either dedicated or cloud hosting. They are not interested in learning how to compile Apache or install PHP manually. And they want the same great features they had with their shared web hosting plan.

cPanel & WHM software allows them to easily migrate (using our built-in tools) to a dedicated or cloud hosting service, a GUI interface to manage their server, and the same great website owner control panel to manager their website.

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