Casual Friday? We're casual every day.

No suits. Standard-issue headphones. Free cookies. At cPanel, we provide a fun, relaxed environment where our employees can do what they love. And you know what? It helps make our products awesome.

Quirkiness is A-OK.

"Normal" isn't normal here. We welcome a variety of personalities, cultures, and communication styles. We think it makes work—and life—more interesting.

Gratitude is our attitude.

We use metrics in our business, but they only go so far. We know you can't measure the power of kindness. We make it a point to thank our employees, and let them know they're appreciated.

Opinions wanted.

If something doesn't seem right—a product feature, a situation, a project, anything—we encourage our employees to speak up. We learn a lot that way. They're smart. They have interesting stuff to say.

Our work makes a difference.

We make the software that powers all kinds of websites (including ecommerce sites), blogs, colleges, and nonprofits. People rely on us. It's rewarding to go to work when what you do is important on a global scale.

Talent served family-style.

We recognize that our employees possess a myriad of skills that can serve multiple departments. That's why we maintain a flexible, team-oriented atmosphere. We make cooperation an integral part of our bottom line.

Working to learn, learning to work.

We support our employees as they grow. We offer training opportunities, tuition reimbursement, and learning resources. Eagerness to learn always earns our employees an A+ in our book!

People use cPanel products. And love them. It's easy to enjoy your job when your work makes a difference.
- Melanie S.
I only have one pointy haired boss. They keep their employees fed well enough for cannibalism.
- Matt D.
At cPanel, I have a voice.
- Sean R.

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