Perl Developer

Perl junkie. Software engineer. 1337 h4x0r. We don't care what you call yourself. If you've got programming skills, let's talk.
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If you live to design, develop, and implement internal and external software products, this is the job you've been searching for.
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*NIX Analyst

Leave our customers on their own? Never! cPanel sets the standard for providing amazing support for a software product.
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Quality Assurance Analyst

Our team consists of quick-thinking, knowledgeable QA experts who have the experience to know just what's wrong, and the drive to help fix it.
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UI Developer

JavaScript, CSS, JSON and turning form into function are what these people do to make our automation products work like a charm.
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Bi-Lingual *NIX Analyst

¿Dejar a nuestros clientes solos cuando necesitan ayuda? ¡Nunca! cPanel establece el estandar de apoyo tecnico de la industria.
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I am proud to work for a company I can believe in, and with exceptionally talented co-workers.
Eric D. of cPanel
In all the places I've ever worked, this is the only one that can go from Hello Kitty to in-depth low-level network protocol analysis in 3.62 seconds.
Kenneth P. of cPanel
When I started at cPanel, I knew I was going to work at a great place. What I didn't expect was making genuine friends that care about me after the work hours end.
Travis E. of cPanel

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