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What is cPanel?

cPanel makes software for the web hosting industry. So first, let's define web hosting.

The (very) basics of web hosting

Every website on the Internet must be "hosted." That means that the site, which is really just a group of files, lives on a web server, or fancy computer.

Companies that provide web hosting (called "hosting providers" or "web hosts") may maintain one or many servers.

The servers are actually housed in facilities called data centers, which provide the basics, including space for the servers, reliable power and temperature controls, and Internet access. Some web hosts own a data center, while others lease space from one.

Providing hosting is a big job

Typically, hosting providers offer website owners more than just Megabytes on a server—they also provide technical support, monitoring (in case there's a problem with a site), and other services.

They're similar to landlords—they own the "building" (or server) and supply amenities to "tenants" (website owners). Like landlords, they have lots of jobs and responsibilities.

Years ago, a hosting provider could spend hours configuring, securing, and installing hundreds of pieces of software in order to set up a website.

Then in 1997, cPanel came along.

Hello cPanel, goodbye hosting headaches

Our motto is "Point. Click. Host."

That's because cPanel simplifies tedious, time-consuming tasks for hosting providers and website owners. All kinds of actions, from tweaking security measures to setting up email accounts or giving a user FTP access, now take just a few seconds.

We also make it easier for web hosts to install popular software packages like blogs, shopping carts, databases, and more. That's why top web hosting companies worldwide use our software.

When I started in IT I had an idea of what a Tech Company should be. I realized my idea @ cPanel.
- Adam W.
I only have one pointy haired boss. They keep their employees fed well enough for cannibalism.
- Matt D.
In addition, at cPanel you are not a number: you're family, and every day is an exciting adventure.
- Mike M.

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