Employee Testimonials

I loved cPanel as soon as I started. I went from a place where knowledge was kept under lock and key to being taught much like a university with every professor's door open. I thought to myself "I could stay here. I could raise a family here." Two years later that's just what I am doing. - Dave L.
When I started at cPanel, I knew I was going to work at a great place. What I didn't expect was making genuine friends that care about me after the work hours end. - Travis E.
cPanel has taught me that happy employees result in happy customers. Before being considered for a position at cPanel, I emailed a friend that worked for the company and asked him to provide me with his opinion. Without hesitation he replied, "This job totally kicks ass!" He was right! - Aaron P.
I enjoy working at cPanel because of the people I work with, who are hard-working and dedicated, and the respect shown by employees to one another. It's great working with a team of talented people who genuinely enjoy what they do. - Greg K.
I love working at cPanel because my opinions are not only heard, they are encouraged. - Brenda G.
When I started in IT I had an idea of what a Tech Company should be. I realized my idea at cPanel. - Adam W.
cPanel is awesome because the employess are dedicated, and the environment is very positive which is natural motivation. cPanel is a great place to grow and there is always something new to learn about daily. - Kony S.
Working for this company has many great perks. The best of those for me personally is being part of a software company that's doing so much for the Web Hosting Industry in general. This company's software touches millions of peoples lives every day making maintaining websites and servers, easier. It's all quite amazing when you think about it a bit. - Chuck W.
I am proud to work for a company I can believe in, and with exceptionally talented co-workers. - Eric D.
In all the places I've ever worked, this is the only one that can go from Hello Kitty to in-depth low-level network protocol analysis in 3.62 seconds. - Kenneth P.
cPanel is a fun company to work for and provides all the tools you need to get the job done. In addition, at cPanel you are not a number: you're family, and every day is an exciting adventure. - Mike M.