Visit us at HostingCon, Booths #728 and #713

cPanel to exhibit at the annual industry conference, HostingCon 2012.

cPanel will once again be exhibiting at HostingCon 2012. This annual conference is exciting for cPanel, because it allows us to see many old friends and make new friends.

If you are looking for cPanel at HostingCon, you can find us at booths #728 and #713. We are grouping the booths together for a lounge and we are ready to meet with cPanel fans.

cPanel will be offering the cPanel University (cPU) Certification at the conference. “I am very pleased with the industry’s response to cPanel Certification,” said Eric Ellis, cPanel Support Manager and lead on cPU. “We are already getting people lined up for testing at HostingCon.”

Don’t miss cPanel at HostingCon.

Remember to register for our party.

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cPanel Exhibits at GoDaddy Techfest

cPanel exhibited at the GoDaddy’s Techfest on June 19th, 2012. This conference was different from any other show cPanel has participated in before. Techfest is an internal only conference, meaning that only GoDaddy Employees participated in the event. GoDaddy Employees responded to cPanel representatives with a happy face and welcomed them to the show. Over 750 GoDaddy Employees attended the event, and almost everyone stopped by the cPanel booth.

“Techfest was an exciting event that packed a large amount of people into a short time,” said Support Manager, Eric Ellis. “I thoroughly enjoyed this conference and cannot wait to come again.”

This one day conference was held in Scottsdale, Arizona and cPanel is a proud sponsor.

The happy hour brought many familiar faces to the cPanel group and quite a few new ones excited by cPanel presence. GoDaddy brought Old West style pictures and revolver quick draw competitions in the spirit of Wild West Domains.

cPanel is looking forward to next years Techfest!

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Host Me All Night Long

cPanel is excited to partner up with SoftLayer and ComCure for THE party of HostingCon 2012.

When people ask what you thought of the parties at HostingCon, all you’ll remember is a blur of laughter, hard rock, and drinks flowing like the Massachusetts Bay. Host Me All Night Long isn’t just a party at HostingCon 2012, it is THE party of HostingCon 2012. It will sell out, you will laugh, and we will party like rockstars.

How do you get into this awesome event?

Partners, Vendors, and Friends of SoftLayer, Comcure, and cPanel – Contact us for the hookup on discount codes. You can get in for free, just because you know the hosts of the parties.

Not a Partner – You can get your pass to the wicked awesome party of the show for free, but it won’t have the free flowing drinks like the VIP treatment. Besides, who needs food when you have Rock ‘n Roll?.

Try to win Tickets – There will be contests on Facebook and Twitter to win VIP passes to the party. These contests can happen at anytime, so be sure to follow: @ComCure, @SoftLayer, and @cPanel on Facebook and Twitter to Maximizer your Rock experience..

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Providing the perl stack as RPMs

The information in this post is about a project in motion. The final delivery may differ from what is discussed here, especially as we consider the feedback you have.

Update: the changes discussed in this article are delayed until a future version of cPanel & WHM. They are not in version 11.34.

Our last article discussed changing from compile-on-demand to delivery of pre-compiled binary packages, using the RPM format. A primary driver behind this was our use of perl. To deliver perl via pre-built RPM packages required a number of changes to the product.
Continue reading

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Switching from compile-on-demand to binary packages

For many years installing and using cPanel & WHM has involved compiling software on-demand. Want Apache and PHP? Run /scripts/easyapache, which builds those and all dependencies from source. Want perl installed? Download and run the perl installer from, which installs perl from source. While compiling from source has its benefits, it also has its drawbacks.
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Pending Removal of Atmail open plugin

With cPanel & WHM 11.28 the ability for server owners to provide custom webmail applications was introduced. To demonstrate this feature we introduced the Atmail Open plugin.

Recently Atmail Inc., the creators of Atmail Open, decided to no longer provide the open source version of their product. Due to this change, cPanel will no longer distribute, or provide, the Atmail Open plugin via our Plugin service. The last update, 1.0.5, of the plugin was released in early May 2012. If you have not already, please verify your version of the plugin has been updated. The Atmail Open 1.0.5 release addresses some security issues. Continue reading

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Targeted Security Release 2012-05-31 Disclosure

The following disclosure covers the Targeted Security Release 2012-05-31. Each vulnerability is assigned an internal case number which is reflected below.

Information regarding cPanel’s Security Level rankings can be found here: Continue reading

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cPanel releases cPanel & WHM to RELEASE tier

cPanel is pleased to announce the release of cPanel & WHM to the RELEASE tier. This monumental release comes from a new development style; focusing on delivering resolution to cases as soon as possible instead of waiting for the next major version. This release addresses over 200 cases that will provide numerous bug fixes and updates. 

Due to the volume of resolved cases, there is no overall theme to the update. Updates of note include: Continue reading

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Targeted Security Release 2012-05-31 Announcement

cPanel has released new builds for all public update tiers. These updates provide targeted changes to address security concerns with the cPanel & WHM product. These builds are currently available to all customers via the standard update system. If your deployed cPanel & WHM servers are configured to automatically update when new releases are available, then no action is required. Your systems will update automatically. If you have disabled automatic updates, then you are highly encouraged to update your cPanel & WHM installs at your earliest convenience. Continue reading

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cPanel University at HostingCon

cPanel is very excited about the HostingCon debut of cPanel University! cPanel University is a cPanel Certification that you can use to brag about how much you know about cPanel & WHM. That is if you can pass. We don’t just hand these things out like swag you find at a booth. This is a legitimately hard test that only 20% of people pass the first level of the tech certification. And no one has passed the last level of the test. Continue reading

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