cPanel & WHMCS Combine Powers

When a web host begins to gain a reputation for great service, it can feel like a superhuman feat to keep up with the demands of a growing business. Thankfully, hosts can depend on the help they need from the heroic developers of online automation tools and control panels. cPanel & WHM (WebHost Manager) is a control panel for the Linux operating system, allowing hosts, resellers, and end-users to work with their hosting accounts through a web-based browser. WHMCS (WebHost Manager Complete Solution) is a system that turbo-charges the provisioning of new accounts, client management, billing and support.

But while these two heroes of the web hosting world are often used together by millions of users worldwide, their distinct, separate nature previously forced hosts to use both tools separately to manage a single account. This adds to the administrative workload within a web hosting company, increasing expenses and affects the company’s ability to deliver fast and responsive customer service.

Finally, these two giants of the web hosting industry are coming together. With the goal of creating a more integrated solution for web hosting providers, cPanel, Inc., and WHMCS Ltd. have recently announced a new partnership to deliver a more cohesive solution that includes both control panel functionality and billing.

“We have felt for some time now that a much-needed component for cPanel & WHM was an e-commerce solution to automate billing, account creation, and so on,” says Aaron Phillips, Vice President of Operations at cPanel, Inc. “We knew if we built our own product, we would be competing primarily against WHMCS, and the challenge would be to produce something better.”

Under the new agreement, cPanel, Inc., will now have a financial stake in WHMCS Ltd. This strategy gives WHMCS Ltd. access to cPanel, Inc.’s vast business resources, and also allows both companies to benefit from shared expertise under a “brain trust” model. As a result, customers can enjoy tighter integration and an optimized exchange of information between the two individual platforms.

Learn more about WHMCS

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In Memory of David Grega

David Grega

Today we mourn the loss of a family member, David Grega. David wore many hats at cPanel including Account Management, Feature Management for partners and advocate for the hosting industry. David has been instrumental in launching too many projects to list in a single blog post, and he will be deeply missed within our community.

My experiences with David resulted in me being a better person and being a better leader at cPanel. David often shared his opinion, but what was unique about his disposition was his ability to be part of any solution that made cPanel a better place to work, a better product or helped his fellow employee.

David was a teacher at heart and spread his knowledge freely. When I first met David, I considered him slightly introverted but in knowing that cPanel needed teachers, he jumped at the opportunity. David was technical and he would have succeeded in any position at cPanel, but chose the path of Technical Product Specialist. He had a wonderful sense of humor. Each week David wanted to communicate with me the items he was working on and started sending me TPS reports. It took me a few weeks to get the joke (from Office Space), but each week he sent me a TPS report and it made me chuckle many times.

David Grega was also very generous. He spent many weeks in our learning rooms teaching fellow employees about web hosting, competition, public speaking, cPanel & WHM and many more topics. He filled the room with cPanel employees wishing to gain wisdom from his years of experience. David did the same with customers and launched initiatives that included cPanel Certification, cPanel Webinars, and a video site to archive his and others teachings.

Most importantly, David left a mark on the web hosting industry. He helped customers, he had passion, and he went out of his way to make sure our customers were taken care of. He was their advocate, and to many of our customers, David was cPanel. David did not do this because it was a job duty, he did it because he loved it, empathized with customers, and had a true passion for helping others. He shaped features of the product, helped partners launch web-hosting companies and taught the world about being better at hosting.

He fell in love with a task management package called Remember The Milk. Juggling many projects and tasks, he never wanted to forget anything. His task list, calendar, and list of daily accomplishments amazed me.

I have countless memories of debates about our product and many times when we were stuck on a problem or could not come up with a resolution, we would unanimously say, “Let’s go ask David.” In asking David, he would tell his opinion, facts about customers, things to consider or just tell us the whole thing sucked. He did it without hesitation. He did it to make thing better.

David Grega touched the lives of everyone that worked with him at cPanel and his values have shaped us into the company we are today. We miss him deeply and the webinars, lunches, impromptu opinions (not to mention the TPS reports) will never be quite the same without him.

David leaves behind a girlfriend and newborn child he dearly loved. We’ve setup a memorial site at and invite you to leave a comment, or make a contribution to help support his loved ones with expenses and make sure they are well taken care.

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Release of EasyApache 3.14 imminent; removes PHP 4 support.

In a few days, cPanel intends to release EasyApache 3.14. On March 20, 2012, we announced the End of Life of PHP 4. EasyApache 3.14 will remove support for PHP 4.

If you are currently using PHP 4 as a DSO handler, EasyApache 3.14 will warn you to take action before performing a build. If your applications still require PHP 4 support, you will soon find an unsupported option module at This option module will build a mod_php handler for PHP 4, as well as a number of extensions. cPanel cannot stress enough, that this is an unsupported solution.

We are also introducing support for PHP 5.4, currently labeled as experimental, in EasyApache 3.14. We welcome any feedback you have regarding PHP 5.4, but strongly urge you not to deploy it in production environments at this time.

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cPanel releases cPanel & WHM to EDGE tier

cPanel is pleased to announce the release of cPanel & WHM to the EDGE tier.

Two new features were added in this release. First is the new Feature Showcase, shown when logging into WHM. Resellers with root-privileges will see the new features available in the release, along with a short description of each feature. It is also possible to implement initial configuration of features, such as enabling or disabling them.

Feature Showcase

The second feature is the implementation of Attracta into cPanel & WHM. This partnership was announced at cPanel Conference last year, and after a deep implementation process has been included in cPanel & WHM. Configuration of Attracta can be done when logging into WHM through the Feature Showcase, and through the Attracta settings in WHM. Visit Attracta’s website to learn more.

This update continues the trend of providing numerous fixes to end users, boasting over a hundred bug fixes.

We highly recommend that all users on the EDGE tier update to this version. We also recommend that all application developers test their code against this release to ensure third-party code runs correctly with the new release.

To update cPanel & WHM manually:

  1. Log into WHM as the root user.
  2. Click on the WHM 11.32.X (build X) link on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click the button labeled Click to Upgrade.
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Improving the Internal PHP

The information in this post is about a project in motion. The final delivery may differ from what is discuss here, especially as we consider the feedback you have.

Update: the changes discussed in this article are delayed until a future version of cPanel & WHM. They are not in version 11.34.

To date we have discussed the overall switching from compile-on-demand to binary packages and how this relates to the perl stack. In this article we’ll focus on changes to the internal PHP stack.

The Typical cPanel PHP Setup

Unlike perl, a typical cPanel & WHM server does not have a single installation of PHP. Rather, typically you will find PHP interpreters in the following locations:

  • /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/php
  • /usr/bin/php
  • /usr/local/bin/php
  • /var/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/php

The /usr/local/cpanel location is deployed as part of cPanel & WHM. It is a static implementation generated as part of our build process. This location is often referred to as ‘internal PHP.’ The binaries, and all dependencies, are downloaded and installed using the cpanelsync infrastructure.

EasyApache handles the PHP installations found in /usr and /usr/local. These are most frequently used by applications served by Apache, however it is possible to use these implementations with applications integrated with the cpanel interface (note: not however with webmail or WHM). These are compiled from source on demand.

The /var/cpanel/3rdparty instance is also installed as part of cPanel & WHM, however it is built by scripts/makecpphp. Because makecpphp uses EasyApache to build, the /var/cpanel/3rdparty interpreter is customizable. This installation also needs considered when discussing the internal PHP. Continue reading

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Registrations Opens for cPanel Conference

Registration Now Open for cPanel Conference ‘12
cPanel is proud to announce the cPanel Conference 12 is now open for attendee and exhibitor registration!

This seventh annual event is in Houston, Texas on October 8-10, 2012. The cPanel team is busy preparing sessions, exhibit spaces, and of course phenomenal events.

cPanel Conference has remained true to its roots by keeping it focused on technical training. Throughout the years cPanel Conference has grown for the better. CEO and executive attendance has steadily increased allowing cPanel Conference to evolve into a great hosting networking event on top of the solid technical learning platform.

Attendees and exhibitors alike praise the event for its integrity and strong draw. OnApp CEO Ditlev Bredahl said cPanel Conference is his favorite conference, “It’s good to see that you guys can keep that ‘cPanel family feeling’ even though you’ve clearly grown quite a bit since last year.”

The cPanel Conference is our opportunity to provide an environment to learn and share knowledge, meet with old and new friends, and enjoy the overall all experience of what we consider our own family reunion.

The entire cPanel team wants this to be a great experience for you. We encourage you to take the opportunity to engage with each other and the cPanel team. We also want to hear your thoughts and opinions so that we can understand how to shape our product to better fit the needs of the organizations that rely on it.

Your attendance is greatly valued and we look forward to seeing you in Houston!
More information and registration.

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11.30 LTS Update Released

cPanel has released an update for the 11.30 LTS tier. This maintenance release resolves several reported defects and provides critical updates to bundled software. Most significantly, updates MySQL to version 5.1.63. In addition to MySQL, Horde 1.2.11 and FreeType 2.4.9 are included to address multiple CVE reports.

This release is part of our on-going effort to provide Long Term Support for major versions of cPanel & WHM. To learn more about cPanel’s Long Term Support, please see the following:

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Visit us at HostingCon, Booths #728 and #713

cPanel to exhibit at the annual industry conference, HostingCon 2012.

cPanel will once again be exhibiting at HostingCon 2012. This annual conference is exciting for cPanel, because it allows us to see many old friends and make new friends.

If you are looking for cPanel at HostingCon, you can find us at booths #728 and #713. We are grouping the booths together for a lounge and we are ready to meet with cPanel fans.

cPanel will be offering the cPanel University (cPU) Certification at the conference. “I am very pleased with the industry’s response to cPanel Certification,” said Eric Ellis, cPanel Support Manager and lead on cPU. “We are already getting people lined up for testing at HostingCon.”

Don’t miss cPanel at HostingCon.

Remember to register for our party.

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cPanel Exhibits at GoDaddy Techfest

cPanel exhibited at the GoDaddy’s Techfest on June 19th, 2012. This conference was different from any other show cPanel has participated in before. Techfest is an internal only conference, meaning that only GoDaddy Employees participated in the event. GoDaddy Employees responded to cPanel representatives with a happy face and welcomed them to the show. Over 750 GoDaddy Employees attended the event, and almost everyone stopped by the cPanel booth.

“Techfest was an exciting event that packed a large amount of people into a short time,” said Support Manager, Eric Ellis. “I thoroughly enjoyed this conference and cannot wait to come again.”

This one day conference was held in Scottsdale, Arizona and cPanel is a proud sponsor.

The happy hour brought many familiar faces to the cPanel group and quite a few new ones excited by cPanel presence. GoDaddy brought Old West style pictures and revolver quick draw competitions in the spirit of Wild West Domains.

cPanel is looking forward to next years Techfest!

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Host Me All Night Long

cPanel is excited to partner up with SoftLayer and ComCure for THE party of HostingCon 2012.

When people ask what you thought of the parties at HostingCon, all you’ll remember is a blur of laughter, hard rock, and drinks flowing like the Massachusetts Bay. Host Me All Night Long isn’t just a party at HostingCon 2012, it is THE party of HostingCon 2012. It will sell out, you will laugh, and we will party like rockstars.

How do you get into this awesome event?

Partners, Vendors, and Friends of SoftLayer, Comcure, and cPanel – Contact us for the hookup on discount codes. You can get in for free, just because you know the hosts of the parties.

Not a Partner – You can get your pass to the wicked awesome party of the show for free, but it won’t have the free flowing drinks like the VIP treatment. Besides, who needs food when you have Rock ‘n Roll?.

Try to win Tickets – There will be contests on Facebook and Twitter to win VIP passes to the party. These contests can happen at anytime, so be sure to follow: @ComCure, @SoftLayer, and @cPanel on Facebook and Twitter to Maximizer your Rock experience..

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