cPanel & WHM 11.30 is now available in the CURRENT tier

We are pleased to announce the release of cPanel & WHM 11.30. This release is available immediately in the EDGE and CURRENT release tiers. cPanel & WHM 11.30 will soon be available in all public release tiers.

This version includes:

  • Over 600 maintenance and bug fixes
  • Over 30 feature improvements and additions
  • Over 150 product optimizations for performance and usability

For a full list of changes, please see our product change logs.

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Mother's Day tribute: cPanel Style

It’s story time at cPanel and as we enter this Mother Day weeked, I wanted to share with you the story of Chuck (aka Infopro on and a message left by his mother.

Infopro has been a longtime member of the cPanel Community and has spent massive amounts of passionate time participating in our online forums.   Within the last year, Infopro became a permanent member of the cPanel team and continues to be focused on interacting with the community and working closer with various people inside cPanel to help improve our product and keep the lines of communication open with customers.

During his first few weeks at cPanel, Infopro’s mother called to leave him a message about his new job.   Like many other cPanel mothers she didn’t quite understand his new position and what the cPanel Community forums were all about.   After listening to the message we decided to put together a Mother’s Day Tribute.

Listen to the Mother’s Day Tribue on the cPanel Podcast site.

cPanel sincerely appreciates every single employee and their life experiences including family, friends, co-workers, and past employers have prepared them to be part of what I consider a highly dedicated and motivated team with the sole purpose of automating web hosting operations through software and support services.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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cPanel Announces Partnership with CloudLinux

cPanel, a leading provider in Linux and Windows automation, formally announced its official partnership with CloudLinux and will offer direct distribution of the software to cPanel Partner NOCs and customers.

The partnership will be structured to provide on-demand licenses that are synchronized with the current cPanel license model, allowing Partner NOCs and direct customers to have pay-per-usage software delivery. Owners will also be able to provide higher availability and increased density through controlling resources and CloudLinux technology. Continue reading

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New and improved SDK(Software Developer Kit) documentation

The Documentation and Integration Team at cPanel are very pleased to announce the publication of the new and improved SDK documentation.  We’d like to take a moment to thank all of you, our customers, for your patience throughout this process. We are confident you will find the end product well worth the wait. Continue reading

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cPanel & WHM Version 11.30 Long-Term Support Announcement

cPanel & WHM version 11.30 will be a Long-Term Support version of our software. A Long-Term Support version of cPanel & WHM has the following attributes:

  • We will apply critical security fixes to this major version throughout its lifespan (at least 18 months).
  • Feature updates will be limited to changes that improve compatibility with later versions.

The Long-Term Support aspect of version 11.30 will be important to users whose servers run operating systems affected by our new End of Life Policy. Continue reading

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Phishing Alert: cPanel

It appears that a phishing email is being distributed with the from address of   This email has not been generated by cPanel.

Details of the email.

Subject: Measures Against Identity Theft

Dear Customer,

For security reason, we advice you to view the attached file to read the update Message.

Control Panel Mgt

  • cPanel as a company does not send emails to end user (website owners).   Please be advised that communications in relation to your web hosting service will almost always come directly from your web hosting provider or server owner.
  • cPanel owns the domain name, however we only send official notification through our primary domain
  • cPanel does not send mass emails requesting authenication details on web hosting or other related accounts.

For more information on protecting yourself against these types of emails please follow the below link:

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cPanel & WHM version 11.28 for STABLE

We are pleased to announce that cPanel & WHM version 11.28 is now available for the STABLE tier. Build 11.28.64 is available for immediate installation or upgrade to the STABLE, RELEASE, CURRENT and EDGE tiers. For further information, please review the full change log and the version 11.28 release notes.

11.28 Change Log:

11.28 Release Notes:

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Technical Advisory: Plesk Panel 10 Migrations

If you are planning a migration from Parallels Plesk Panel to cPanel & WHM in the near future, do not upgrade Plesk Panel to version 10.

Parallels Plesk Panel 10 incorporates a new authentication model that does not rely upon the /etc/passwd system database. This change prevents successful migrations from Plesk 10 systems to cPanel & WHM systems.

The cPanel & WHM development team is working on a solution to include in future releases of cPanel & WHM.

Our migration team currently supports migration from the following platforms:

  • DirectAdmin (all versions)
  • Ensim / Parallels Pro (all versions, Linux Only)
  • Plesk (6 – 9.5.1, Linux Only)
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11.28.60 RELEASE Announcement

We are pleased to announce the update of the RELEASE tier from version 11.28.52 to 11.28.60. This update to cPanel & WHM brings a number of updates and changes that further stabilize the product. We anticipate publishing 11.28.60 to the STABLE and DNSONLY tiers on January 4, 2011. Included in the changes in 11.28.60 are:

  • Performance enhancements to LivePHP
  • Compatibility support for Operating Systems that use OpenSSL 1.0
  • A new Latest Visitors interface in cPanel
  • Restored ability to copy and rename databases in phpMyAdmin

For further information, please review the full change log and the version 11.28 release notes.
11.28 Change Log:

11.28 Release Notes:

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Thanks For a Great 2010!

Everyone at cPanel would like to thank our customers, partners, employees, and friends for an awesome 2010!

We would like to spend a brief moment to recap some of the new items introduced to the website this year.

cPanel Podcasts:
Since June, Technical Writer Lindsey White has led cPanel’s efforts to deliver informative podcast content.  cPanel Podcasts deliver a range of insightful content, including technical interviews, customer profiles, and tutorials. Podcasts can be downloaded weekly or retrieved automatically via RSS.

cPanel Application Catalog:
Launched this November, the cPanel Application Catalog features hundreds of applications that can extend and provide additional functionality within cPanel/WHM.  This catalog allows users to comment on and rate applications.  New applications are constantly being added to the catalog frequently, so stop by and have a look.

cPanel Video Site:
The cPanel Video Site was also started in November.  We have catalogued exclusive cPanel video content including: webinars, customer testimonials, training videos, and footage from cPanel events.

cPanel Webinars:
This year, David Grega and Mario Rodriguez implemented the the “30-Minute Webinar” series.  These webinars, although shorter in duration, provide the same great content. David and Mario are guaranteed to provide you with a means to assist you in expanding your knowledge of current technical and sales-related topics.

cPanel Community Forums
The cPanel Community Forums were upgraded and re-worked under the technical direction of Chuck Wadlow (aka Infopro).  Chuck joined our team earlier this year and has been a delightful addition to the cPanel family.

Product development had an amazing year! Both cPanel/WHM and Enkompass had major releases this year. Enkompass 1.0.7 and cPanel/WHM 11.28 is now available and cPanel/WHM 11.30 is set to be released during the first quarter of 2011.

New content for all three properties is added weekly, and you can receive updates via RSS subscriptions.

We have exciting changes planned for 2011 and look forward to another successful year.  Do you have a New Year’s ‘Feature Request?”  If so, submit them to the links below.

cPanel/WHM Feature Requests

Enkompass Feature Requests

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