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Billing Cycle Monthly 1-Year, 2-Year, or 3-Year
Support Level Priority Priority
Discount Eligibility None with 2 or More cPanel & WHM Licenses
VPS Cost $20 $200
Dedicated Cost $45 $425
CloudLinux Cost $16 $150/$250

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Licensing FAQ

Difference between cPanel/WHM® Dedicated and VPS licensing

  • cPanel/WHM® Dedicated: The standard version is designed to be installed on a full dedicated server, which allocates 100% of it’s hardware to the operations of that machine.
  • cPanel/WHM VPS: VPS Optimized 2 version is designed to be within an environment running such virtualization software as listed on: Both products have the same features, but the cPanel/WHM Optimized 2 version simply optimizes the install configuration to make the best use of memory and processors on a virtualized environment.

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Information on Publicly visible IP Addresses

cPanel/WHM requires a publicly visible IP address to function properly. Your hosting provider or data center can assign public IP addresses for use with licensing directly. Dynamic, sticky, or internal IP addresses will not function with the cPanel/WHM licensing software.

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