Server Update Process

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cPanel® & WHM® Software Release Tiers

cPanel has a Unique Automatic Update System Which Utilizes Release Tiers That Allows You to be in Full Control of What’s Specifically Updated on Your Servers.

” A production release of cPanel® & WHM® includes between 1 and 3 significant sets of changes. We refer to sets of changes as – projects.”

The cPanel & WHM software is distributed through 4 different release tiers: EDGE, CURRENT, RELEASE, and STABLE. The release tiers are divided into two categories, development, and production, with EDGE and CURRENT being development, and RELEASE and STABLE being production tiers.

Releases of cPanel & WHM in the development tier contain everything in the previous production release, plus one or more changes from new projects associated with the next planned release. We only publish development releases in the EDGE and CURRENT tiers. However, we will not immediately publish changes into the CURRENT tier. Any changes published into the CURRENT tier will be isolated to a desired set of functions we’ve tested and verified.

Production releases follow this schedule:

  1. We complete development for the production version.

  2. We test the functionality of the version’s new features.

  3. We publish the version to the development tiers, and to the EDGE, CURRENT, and RELEASE tiers.

  4. At this point, maintenance of previous production versions will cease. We will not release any changes to the previous version from this point forward.

  5. After the version enters the RELEASE tier, we assess any immediate maintenance needs.

  6. After we have assessed and corrected all of the existing needs, we release the production version into the STABLE tier.

Choosing the release tier for your cPanel & WHM software installation can be found under Main > Server Configuration > Update Preferences.

For more info, please visit the cPanel & WHM Software Installation Guides.

Explanation of the Release Tiers

The EDGE build is the first group to see new features. All releases to the EDGE tier have been tested in our Development and QA environments, but generally lack public documentation for features. Releases within the EDGE tier sometimes happen several times per week as new bugs are found and fixed and new feature requests completed. We recommend NOT running versions in the EDGE tier in production environments, due to their dynamic nature.
Releases to the CURRENT tier have received quite a bit more testing and verification than EDGE, but may not contain all of the proposed functionality of a release. CURRENT is similar to the “release candidate” tier used under other publication schemes. Releases will still undergo further testing and adding of features before being sent to the next tier.
The RELEASE tier is the recommended tier to run, and what cPanel & WHM defaults to upon installation. This tier has received quite a lot of testing and refinement.
The STABLE tier has received the most testing and public exposure, but will not contain the same new features being released in the EDGE tier.

For more info, please visit the cPanel & WHM Versions and the Release Process.

With 11.30, Long-term support versioning was introduced into cPanel & WHM. With the addition of Long-term support, you can choose which major release of cPanel & WHM software you wish to run. The option for Long-term support versioning can be found under Main > Server Configuration > Update Preferences.