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At cPanel®, We Don’t Host Websites. But if You Are Not Sure Who Your Host is, We Can Offer You Some Tips

Tips on Finding your Web Hosting Provider

  • The best way to find the company hosting your website is to find out who you are paying. You may want to search through your email for keywords such as “nameserver,” “hosting,” “account,” and “payment” to locate any email you received from your hosting company.
  • If you can’t find any correspondence, try looking at your bank and credit card statements. Any payments made to your hosting provider will appear there.
  • If you still can’t find any information, there are public resources you can use to make an educated guess about which company hosts your website.

Using nameservers to find your host

Nameservers (pronounced: “name servers”) translate a human-readable domain name, such as, into a machine-readable IP address, such as Your website is a part of this system and will have nameservers, which often identify their hosting company in their titles.

To find your website’s nameservers, use a tool like Type the name of your domain into the appropriate search field and click Find Out. You will receive a great deal of information; however, you will only need the information in the Nameservers section. It should resemble the following:

In most cases, will be your web host’s website. This is due to popular naming conventions for nameservers (e.g.,, etc.). You may be able to use this website to contact your web host.

What to do if the page is blank

If the page you reach is blank, use your favorite search engine (,, etc.) to search for the website ( By doing this, you can find information about the site which may lead you to your hosting company.

  1. If you see a page that resembles either of the following:

    then the host’s server (computer) is currently undergoing maintenance. Wait a couple of days and come back when the maintenance is done.

  2. If the page you reach resembles the following:

    then it is time for “Plan B.”

Plan B

Only use this option if you were not able to successfully locate your web hosting company using the methods described above. This method is a bit tricky, but will work as a last resort.

  1. Go back to and type your website address as you did before. This time, you will need to examine the IP section for the IP address. An IP address is comprised of 4 sets of numbers, separated by periods (.) (e.g.
  2. Once you have the IP address, you will need to go to, enter the IP address in the appropriate field, and click Submit. From here, follow all of the on-screen instructions.
  3. Once you have reached the final page, you will need to look for an entry called OrgName. This is the name of the company that owns the IP address, and they may be able to help you locate your web hosting company. (However, be aware that they may be unwilling to share this information, due to privacy concerns.)
  4. Once you have obtained this information, use your favorite search engine to locate and contact your web host.