Help, My Site Is Down!

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Help, My Site Is Down! What Do I Do?

Simply Contact Your Hosting Provider. If You Are Unsure About Who Your Hosting Provider Is, Here Are a Few Helpful Tips:

Who Are You Paying?

The best way to find the company hosting your website is to find out who you are paying. You may want to search through your email or bank statements for keywords such as “nameserver,” “hosting,” “account,” and “payment” to locate any email you received from your hosting company.

Check Your Nameservers

Every website on the Internet is assigned a unique IP address – a “phone number” for your website. In the same way you use the phonebook to find a number, nameservers owned by your hosting provider translate your website’s name into its unique IP address.

Using a tool like, you can find out the name of your hosting provider’s nameservers, helping you find out who your host might be. Type in your website’s address and click “Find Out” – the resulting page will include a great deal of information.

Under the nameservers heading, you will see the nameserver your website is using, a common example being or By removing the prefix and going to from your web browser, you should be able to contact your hosting provider.

If the website you find does not contain the relevant information, try entering the address into a search engine instead. This may bring up further details that might help in your search.

Still didn’t help?

The final solution – one which will always prove useful – is a little harder to follow for the novice. We have broken it down into four easy steps below:

  1. Go back to and type your website address as you did before. This time, you will need to examine the IP section for the IP address. An IP address is comprised of 4 sets of numbers, separated by periods (.) (e.g.
  2. Once you have the IP address, you will need to go to, enter the IP address in the appropriate field in the top right corner, and click the arrow. From here, follow all of the on-screen instructions.
  3. You will need to look for an entry called OrgName. This is the name of the company that owns the IP address, and they may be able to help you locate your web hosting company. (However, be aware that they may be unwilling to share this information, due to privacy concerns.)
  4. Once you have obtained this information, use your favorite search engine to locate and contact your web host.

Find your host in details.

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