Reseller Hosting

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Want to Become a Reseller?

It’s Simple When You Find the Right Provider and Use cPanel® & WHM® Software

With cPanel & WHM software, you can sell and resell white-label reseller accounts, meaning you can purchase hosting from a hosting provider and then resell those hosting services to your own clients and customers.

With cPanel & WHM software, you can setup your own nameservers, replace the cPanel logo with your own logo and branding, and completely customize the appearance of cPanel using our Branding Editor and some creative CSS. You can also integrate your own payment system to provide a fully branded and customized experience.

Need to know more about reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is an inexpensive way to start a business or simply provide hosting to your clients. Reseller hosting makes offering hosting services to your clients easy since it doesn’t require you to manage the server hardware or operating system.

Reseller hosting allows you to branch into new sources of revenue – even if you don’t have the time, money, or resources to maintain your own servers and data centers. Reseller hosting is a great stand-alone business venture, or, if you offer other services, a fantastic way to bundle hosting with your regular products.

Reseller hosting with cPanel & WHM software allows you to concentrate on serving your customers rather than spending time on server administration.