360 Server & Site Monitoring is now in Manage2

The most comprehensive server & site monitoring is NOW available in Manage2 for cPanel partners. You can:

  • Use it internally and safeguard your server & site health.

  • Offer it externally and help new & existing customers avoid downtime.

  • Identify potential server & site issues before they occur!

Log in to Manage2 to start adding 360 Monitoring licenses today or fill out the form to get more information!

Why 360 Monitoring?

Because uptime is money!

  • Grow with New & Existing Customers

    Explore the growing monitoring need in the industry by reselling the best tool in the market backed by powerhouse brands like cPanel®, Plesk®, and WHMCS®.

  • Use Monitoring to Upsell

    Use the server monitoring for your own business to get alerts for potential upsells.

  • Reduce Support Load & Increase Retention

    Help your customers maintain healthy servers and sites indicating potential issues that may cause downtime.

  • Enjoy WebPros Partner Growth Program Benefits:

    Enroll in the WebPros Partner Growth Program, start promoting & selling with ready-made marketing assets and earn 4X back on every incremental sale!

What is 360 Monitoring?

Key 360 Monitoring features include:

  • Server Monitoring

    Extensive server/hardware monitoring: CPU, RAM, disk I/O, and more.

  • Site Monitoring

    Measure uptime performance: HTTPS(S), TCP, and ICMP in intervals.

  • Full-Site Check

    Protect entire portals, eShops, and more, with Web Crawler.

  • Active Alerts

    Get notified across multiple platforms before problems occur.

For more information visit https://360monitoring.com/