cPanel & WHM is one of the most powerful tools a hosting provider can have in their arsenal. It allows you to create emails and domains on the fly and gives hosting providers the opportunity to partition their servers. Most impressive is its ability to incorporate a whole host of other add-on features. In fact, cPanel plugins for applications like WordPress and CloudFlare are hosting providers’ most beloved widgets. There are even a few plugins whose sole purpose is to help you download other plugins.

With millions of global users, Softaculous is the leading hosting auto installer. This plugin boasts a library of more than 370 scripts, nearly all of which come with active demos. This means hosting providers and the website owners they serve can sample and enjoy some of the most popular tools on the web for security, mail, performance, and anything else a web professional might need. This sophisticated software automatically copies files and creates databases, making it nearly as effective as using an individual script installer.

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Installatron is another leading auto installer with a robust library filled with some of the most popular hosting tools on the web. While great for hosting providers of any size, Installatron is perfect for newly-established web hosts with free limited use and a nominal cost of just $25 a year. What makes Installatron particularly unique is the Installatron Remote, a feature that allows site owners to add popular web applications like WordPress in one click, without the hosting provider having to enable the specified tool or feature.

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Both Softaculous and Installatron offer valuable features and fast downloads that save both money and time. While we think that both are handy tools for burgeoning and established web hosts, we encourage you to explore their interfaces, test their features, and find out which one is right for you.