The cPanel Conference is just 5 short months away, and today is the last day to submit your speaker application. Some of the talks that we’ve already accepted have to do with SystemD, Custom API integrations, building your cPanel & WHM plugins, A/B testing and even a talk from our legal counsel about the risks you take on by providing open source software. Now, all we need is you!

5 Reasons for you to submit your own speaker application

5. Spread your passion

The best and most engaging talks are always from an inspired speaker, and that’s going to be you. Whether your excitement is the best way to manage your servers, or around the best ways to manage your people, that’s what we want to hear about.

4. Three days with the best of the cPanel Community

The cPanel Conference always brings in the best and brightest of all of those who love cPanel. Spend nearly three full days surrounded by those people, and swap tips and tricks with cPanel employees and enthusiasts.

3. Professional development

Being a speaker at a conference is a huge step in your career, and makes you that much more valuable. Your boss will love the exposure, and you will love the experience.

2. Professional presentation coaching available to first-time presenters

We know, first hand, how hard it can be to get your feet wet and speak for the first time. Monday we will hold a three hour “Speaker Coaching Session” with a professional speaker, to make sure your presentation is as powerful as your passion.

1. Complimentary event pass for you, and 50% off a second!

Every speaker will get a Speaker pass absolutely free, and will get 50% off a pass for their plus-one. Bring anyone else along that you’d like for only half the price.

Bonus: $Florida and Swag

The 2017 cPanel Conference is in Forth Lauderdale, Florida, arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Come early, or stay late, and experience all of the amazing qualities of late summer Florida.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, we’ll let all of you first-timers in on a secret: speakers get their own swag bag that includes a complimentary speaker gift.

Submit your talk before 11:29 central time tonight!

We have people from 6 different companies, and two countries already. Add your passion, your country, and your idea to the list today by submitting your talk. Got an idea, but aren’t sure about it? Send me a message, and I’ll tell you what I think! You can also find me on Twitter.

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