Each year, amazing, inventive, and needless to say, eventful things happen behind the walls of cPanel, Inc — and 2017 was no different. We’ve had more than a few milestones and moments over the past 12 months. Here are a just a few of the ones we felt were worth sharing….


cPanel & WHM v62

We optimized the email account creation process, made improvements to page load times, and enhanced MySQL backups.


Elastic Sites Fireside Chat

We teamed up with our friends at CloudLinux and Patchman
for a webinar on Elastic Sites.



The biggest industry event of the year happens in Rust, Germany and once again our team jetted across the Atlantic to spend time with our customers and partners at WHD.Global.

cPanel & WHM v64

We introduced the cPanel Light and Dark styles and also made it possible for you to purchase Extended Validation (EV) certificates through the SSL/TLS Wizard.


cPanel Gets Fit

In April, the cPanel HQ opened its first employee-exclusive gym on site. While the state of the art facility may not necessarily deter us from having second helpings at lunch, it’s good to know we have the option to undo some of the damage of our daily catered lunches.


GoDaddy Tech Fest

We hopped over to Phoenix, Arizona to sponsor and exhibit at GoDaddy Techfest.


Battle for the Net: Net Neutrality

On July 11, we banded together with GitHub, Vimeo, Reddit, and a slew of other companies in the battle to maintain net neutrality and a truly open internet.

cPanel & WHM v66

This release gave way to the Application Manager and the ability to backup your information to remote servers incrementally.


Solar Eclipse

We took a break from our terminal windows and gathered as a team to take a gander at our tiny little moon upstaging the Sun.

Hurricane Harvey

After being pummeled by one of the greatest natural disasters to make landfall in the US, the cPanel team weathered it out and raised $21,850.16 money for the Hurricane Harvey relief effort.


20 Years of cPanel

This year we celebrated 20 years of cPanel at our annual conference and had the pleasure of hanging out with some of our favorite customers in sunny South Florida.

Transparency Report

In a commitment to best protect the confidentiality and trust of our customers around the globe, we released our first comprehensive law enforcement transparency report.


We Love Our Customers

On this day we randomly felt the urge to let our customers know how much we appreciated them.

cPanel & WHM v68

We made AutoSSL faster than ever before and gave site owners the ability to restore individual files from backups.

I Saw the Sign

We don’t necessarily try to keep a low profile and certainly not after we erected our impressive logo atop our Houston HQ.


Battle for the Net, the Sequel

In the second week of December, we once again teamed up with internet companies around the world in the Battle for the Net…. Despite FCC rulings, we’re happy to inform you that we’re still in the battle.

We survived a natural disaster, got in better shape, battled for the internet and still managed to release four new iterations of cPanel & WHM. All in all, we’d say it was a pretty successful year.

And if 2018 happens to throw even more our way, we’ll gladly take it on because we do it for you — our customer.

Thank you for making us your hosting platform of choice.