I am Julian Brown a Developer on Team Honey Badger, which developed and maintain the PHP-FPM system in EasyApache 4 at cPanel. I have been developing software in various industries for 30+ years and enjoy working at cPanel. I am a leader in the Boy Scouts of America (my two sons are Eagle Scouts). I have a wife, two adult sons and 3 cats.

Let’s talk PHP-FPM

My talk at the 2017 cPanel Conference is about advanced concepts for PHP-FPM in EasyApache 4. I will lightly touch on what and how PHP-FPM works as of version 66, and simple configurations to give you context. We will ย then transition to Advanced Configuration, specifically how to set customized settings.

Customizing your PHP-FPM configuration with cPanel & WHM is easy! This talk will touch on some of the most requested things, including how to override cPanel defaults. I will show you the flexibility of the system we developed for configuring and managing PHP-FPM, illustrating how easy it is to make it fit your needs. You will also learn some handy troubleshooting methods for diagnosing PHP-FPM problems. Lastly I will discuss some bottleneck issues we have seen, how to be aware of the limitations, and how to work around around them.

Join us!

I am excited to talk about PHP-FPM at the cPanel Conference, in hopes that my advanced concepts will help you use PHP-FPM in your organization. If you’re joining us this year but don’t make it to my talk, feel free to ask me questions at any point during the conference. I look forward to chatting with you!