Quick note from benny: We’re keeping an eye on the situation as Fort Lauderdale recovers from Hurricane Irma. We’ll continue to communicate when we have information, and will be updating the post that I made on Monday about it. Now, I hand it over to Dustin….

cPanel Integrators. I’ve got a bone to pick with you about your plugins.

I’m a UI developer, and this year I went to O’Reilly Fluent Conference. They combined it with the Velocity Conference this year, and as a result, there was a whole floor of people trying to sell various monitoring and other server-based softwares that would be useful to the the cPanel Community. To my shock, however, they weren’t even considering integration with cPanel. The question I have for all of you plugin developers is: Why not? What’s stopping you from getting your plugin into cPanel? What’s stopping you from entering a market that services a billion domains every day?

I’ve been working on this product for over three years, and I see a lot of potential for outside developers to really integrate with the product. We can’t integrate everything ourselves, and we wouldn’t want to. Not every one of those cPanel & WHM servers want the functionality any single plugin provides, but what we can do is make the right plugins more accessible to everyone who wants them. That starts, however, by helping integrators with our existing cPanel Market system.

If you need help. I’ll be at cPanel conference in Fort Lauderdale this year. I hope to see you there. My talk “How to Supercharge your WHM Plugins” is where you want to be. I hope with the experience I’ve gained on the a team that touches every part of the product in the last 3+ years, I can provide you some insight. You will leave my talk with a working plan to get your plugin into the hands of as many people as is possible.

Until then, if you have questions or suggestions or things you’d like to hear covered in this talk, shoot me a tweet @dustinscherer.