Recently cPanel got a new partner in Hyve Hosting! Hyve Hosting is a leading hosting provider in the United Kingdom. They specialize in mission-critical, fully managed Cloud hosting, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Secure SFTP hosting. They provide dedicated support 24/7/365 to a broad range of clients including Nokia, LG, British Airways, and Phones 4U.

Have you ever wondered about the process of becoming a cPanel partner? Hyve Hosting has been kind enough to share their experience, and we’re excited to check in with them a couple more times over the course of this year to share a solid look into the process.

Q: “Essentially, what were the deciding factors that led you to choose cPanel over competing panels?”

A: “We chose cPanel mainly due to the unlimited support that you offer, which as a service stands out from other panels. We also found cPanel to be more cost effective on your Virtualization model. We find cPanel to be more flexible than other panels as we feel we have more control over the underlying operating system. Also, cPanel has an excellent Apache PHP configurator which is great for installing PHP components without any issues.”

Q: “How influential was customer demand in your decision to offer cPanel & WHM software?”

A: “We find cPanel to be very popular. We have around 70% of total demand for panels and we want to offer our clients the best possible user experience. Offering cPanel alongside other panels gives them the choice.”

Q: “What was the ultimate factor that influenced your choice to then become a cPanel partner?”

A: “We became cPanel partners after seeing its popularity with our clients. We felt that with the Enterprise Priority support and fast provisioning of licenses and discounts, we could benefit from the partner program.”

Q: “How was the process experience when you were becoming a cPanel partner?”

A: “Becoming a partner was relatively demanding due to the amount of online paperwork. Other than that, it was fairly easy.”

*cPanel Note: Thank you for your feedback regarding the online application. We agree, so we’ve been actively looking for ways we can improve this process. Anyone that has been a partner for a while can attest to the improvements we have made over the years. cPanel will continue to adapt and make improvements to benefit our partners.

Q: “What type of reaction did you see in your product offerings once you began offering cPanel? Has partnering with cPanel helped generate new leads for Hyve services?”

A: “As most customers who are hosting multiple domains required cPanel, we found that offering cPanel met their requirements so it drove sales.”

Q: “Have your teams become cPanel Certified? If yes, which departments? If no, is there a way we can help that become a realization for Hyve?”

A: “Our technical team has been trained via real life problem solving, and working with cPanel support. We would be interested in hearing more about cPanel certification.”

*cPanel Note: Becoming cPanel Certified enables you and your team to be better equipped with our software and more knowledgable for your customers. To learn more about cPanel Certification and the process, please go here for more information.

Q: “What features has Hyve suggested in the system that you would be most interested in seeing put into cPanel products?”

A: “We feel the control panel could be easier to use, as it can be a bit complex to find certain areas. An element of design could be added as it’s quite technical.”

*cPanel Note: The User Interface group has been hearing this from many of our customers, so they’ve been taking approaches towards new development to simplify the User Interfaces so users are not overwhelmed with the options available. One area of improvement is segregating basic options from advanced options, then hiding the latter by default, and making ‘dangerous’ options visually stand out. Beyond basics, they have been looking at overall workflows for the product and planning changes that will allow the user to focus more on their task rather than the mechanics of the system.

Q: “What changes do you foresee in the marketplace that will impact your business growth? What services and new features could cPanel offer to help you meet that growth?”

A: “cPanel could offer integration into Cloud technology such as controlling the VM reboots. It could also offer performance charts and monitoring.”

*cPanel Note: We love getting your feedback, and encourage anyone with a suggestion for software improvement to take part in voting on our Feature Request site.

Q: “How would you rate the level of support that you receive from the tech analysts teams here at cPanel?”

A: “Support is free and excellent. It’s a bonus that there isn’t an “add-on” support contract.”

Q: “What change in your company are you anticipating by offering cPanel to your clients?”

A: “We hope to continue to draw in clients by offering such a high class, functional panel.”

A sincere thanks to Lucie Sadler, Hyve Marketing Executive, and Jon Lucas, Hyve Technical Account Manager, for their input.