Hello everyone!  My name is Mickey and I’m the latest Community Manager to join the team at cPanel.  I’m incredibly excited to start and I can’t wait to meet you all. Unlike my partner benny, I’m brand new to the Web Hosting field, but I’ve been working in the online media industry for 10 years. You can find me spending most of my free time at my computer desk, playing the latest games as well as some classics (is World of Warcraft a classic yet?), or browsing reddit and looking at cooking GIFs (you might soon see me post as /u/cPanelMickey). I love the web, technology, and learning more about our world.

Why I’m Here.

I strongly believe that good community management goes both ways: our developers should hear from you and you should hear from our developers. I’ll be working closely with benny to keep track of our Feature Requests, send out release notes, and keep you informed on the rest of development activities. I’ll also be sitting with each of our developers to talk about what you guys are asking for, and making sure they are aware of your needs.  We want to make sure that you hear about anything great our product development team might have planned, or some ideas we might want input on.

One of the main projects I’m working on is planning an amazing cPanel Conference with a focus on developers. We want cPanel & WHM to not only be the hosting platform of choice, but a developer’s platform of choice for their web based applications. This year’s conference will be filled with panels on using cPanel to launch and manage your apps, as well as continuing the tradition of learning the latest web hosting improvements, engaging with our product development team, and mastering best practices for our industry. I hope to share more information about cPanel Conference very soon.

How can we help?

Just like benny said last year, cPanel wants to lend a hand and ensure communication is open and transparent.  We’re committed to staying just as reliable, just as intuitive, and providing rapid and well supported updates. You can email me at any time ( with anything you think of. Have a great AutoSSL suggestion? Let’s chat. Think our documentation could use clarification? Help me update it. We all think cPanel is pretty great; together we can make it even better.

P.S. That’s my dog, Biscuits.  She’s pretty great, too.