There are a lot of different industry events out there, but cPanel Conference is unique. Our goal is not to overwhelm with research, impress with attendance numbers or to give you aggressive sales pitches, but in community. We genuinely want to improve your cPanel & WHM software knowledge through educational sessions and slow-paced, hands-on Lab sessions designed to give you new skills you can apply as soon as you return to your office. We’ve allocated plenty of time to chat with great companies that are exhibiting, so you can also learn what’s new in their products that will benefit you. Also, you’ll be able to attend extraordinary cPanel events in New Orleans that you’ll be talking about for years to come. The bottom line is, everyone at cPanel is passionate about creating a conference experience you’ll return to year-after-year.

So where’s the glitch? We understand approval can sometimes be hard to get. Not really sure how to make your case with management? If the overview above isn’t enough to drive the point home, no problem. Let’s get an email to your boss ready! Let me just preface what I’m sure you already know: the words in the brackets will be changed to your own, and please, don’t leave the brackets, that would be awkward.

Dear [Name of the world’s best boss],

cPanel is having their yearly conference from September 30th – October 2nd, and I think it would be very beneficial to the company and myself if I attend.

As you know, cPanel is really upping their game with 3 major software releases a year. To really know how to maximize my knowledge of cPanel & WHM software to help my role as [title] in the company, being able to attend sessions given by leading knowledge experts in the industry would really help me achieve that. Also, this year, cPanel is trying some new learning formats on the exhibit floor. Not only can I go to sessions and learn about what’s coming, I can chat with Developers, Technical Analysts, Migration Team members and Account Management during Speed Geeking. During cPanel Lab sessions, I’ll be getting hands-on training from cPanel experts that actually work on the product every day!

Obviously, another big draw is the networking I’ll be able to do, and all of the chances I’ll get to talk about [the place where you work] with people in our industry. Unlike other industry events, cPanel Conference intentionally plans networking events each night for the entire group of attendees. They create an opportunity to interact face-to-face and get to know people in a business fashion on the exhibit floor, in a relaxed atmosphere in the evening. [Here you might want to add that you’ll conduct yourself at the events in a way that positively reflects on your company, ‘scout’s honor’ style]

I know, there’s some cost involved, but cPanel has arranged for discounted rates at the Sheraton hotel that the conference is being held in. I can [take a shuttle from the airport instead of a cab, drive if it’s a short distance instead of fly, run if it’s an even shorter distance, jet pack if you’re awesome, roller blade in ode to 90’s awesomeness….you get the gist], and transportation to events is provided by cPanel. Meals are included, events have open bars, and the exhibit floor will have drinks and snacks. Outside of the small conference ticket cost (which I may be able to get free using registration code: cPanel2013VIP) and general costs like travel and hotel, there should be very minimal costs added onto the beginning budget. Over all, the small monetary cost of going to cPanel Conference is nothing compared to the value I’ll gain from gaining new industry contacts, knowing the latest cPanel news, what’s to come, and being able to represent [where you work]. is where you can see everything that they offer, and the sessions I would get to attend.

[Depending on the culture of your company and relationship with your boss, insert the acceptable level of requesting to go once more. Vary between “Seriously, PLEASE” to “Thank you for considering, I look forward to your response!”]

[Your Name]