We’ve reached the end of another busy week here at cPanel, and I think you’ll agree this final week of October was consumed with the mourning souls of Star Wars fans.

Monday was a huge release for cPanel – you know this. If you don’t know this, I suspect you’ve had your earphones on all week secretly listening to Taylor Swift’s new album (I like the first song…don’t judge me). So much work, from so many different people, went into all of the fixes, and features, for the cPanel & WHM 11.34 release.

In 11.34 we see some pretty substantial changes. Email archiving? On it. New User Interface? Sorted. Browser compatibility? Majorly improved. It’s really simple for me to list out a few of the big ones, but with over 200 improvements, I’d highly suggest checking out the release notes compiled by our amazing Documentation Department.

While the release of 11.34 involved many people, and the company as a whole in some part, specific people and teams made a significant impact. Ken Power, John “J.D.” Lightsey, Rikus Goodell, Nicolas Rochelemagne, Brian Carlson, the QA Department, the Code Ninjas and Cobra SCRUM teams; they all deserve a big shout out!

We’ve been setting things up to go out to our exhibitors for 2013 cPanel Conference, taking place September 30th-October 2nd. The more planning we’ve been doing for it, the more excited we’re getting about it. A huge plus? Everything will be taking place on the same floor of the Sheraton New Orleans; exhibitor booths, sessions, meals, gaming area, and the networking lounge. We know that was really important to a lot of you, as noted in your surveys, and we’re glad we can make that happen in 2013. The website for next years cPanel Conference is still in fruition, but you can get more information, or rent a booth, by emailing conference@cpanel.net.

This was obviously that “one week in the year when you can be your alter ego and eat copious amounts of candy”. Kudos to one of our SysAdmins for his Mr.McGibblets wardrobe choice during a particular day this week. Actually, I think he wore it twice…laundry day?

Be safe, have a great weekend, and if you don’t live in the heat of Texas, enjoy the cooler weather!