We appreciate your interest in providing us with your valuable suggestions and feedback! The new cPanel Feature Request site was launched in October of 2012, and it is our intention with this new system to make the Feature Request submission and voting process more efficient for both the Community, and the cPanel Development teams. This new site aims to make the management of proposing, discussing, and implementing new Feature Requests, easier and more streamlined than ever before.
As this new tool gains traction we may decide to increase, decrease or modify our voting procedures* to provide our development teams with the best analytics possible. For now, we want to introduce you to a few key points you might like to know about having to do with those votes each user gets, and explain why you should consider using them sparingly! For more details on the reason behind moving to this new way of handling cPanel Software Feature Requests, please join in on the announcement discussion thread on the forums: cPanel New Feature Requests System

There are a few things you should know about the new Feature Requests system:

This system was designed to be used as a submission and voting tool for proposed new Features for consideration in future versions of cPanel & WHM. It provides you with the opportunity to submit new ideas for our product and vote on existing proposed Features you will find useful. These Features are reviewed by cPanel’s Developers, Product Teams and company Executives when working on product road maps and helps us gain a better understanding of what is important to you, the customer.

Allocated Votes, Voting and Submitting Feature Requests:

Each user is allocated 10 votes per 90 days. You will use a vote when you submit a new Feature for consideration, as well as when you vote on any existing Features in the system. While we realize that some users will have an interest in voting for, and / or submitting multiple Feature Requests and this limited number of votes does seem a bit restrictive, we do this for a specific reason. Restricting the number of votes and submissions allows us to determine higher priority features while not getting buried in data and ideas that might take away from our end goal. Commenting on features has no limits, and we encourage you to add helpful feedback to any existing Features that you feel are important to you.

Submission of a new Feature utilizes one of your votes:

Each submission should contain a single well-defined idea, please review the quick guide below for more on this. This helps us tremendously when going through large amounts of data. Give your idea some thought, look into it first and make sure it’s not been posted already. If it has, and your submission is rejected for any reason, you will have used a vote to submit that Feature Request, or vote on something, and that allotted vote has now been used and is not restored to you for use elsewhere.

Voting Up or Down a Feature utilizes one of your votes:

We do require an explanation when voting down a Feature Request to gain clarity on why you don’t think a specific feature is worthy. Voting down a Feature uses one vote. You do not have to use a vote here to provide feedback on a Feature. If there are numerous comments, the vote count of a Feature is what we’re looking at. One of the problems in the past was sifting thru pages of forum threads to find all relevant feedback, positive or negative, on a topic, digest them and the +1’s people would post, then try and combine that into a working Feature Request with any real value. Next we’d have to wait to get additional feedback on those new summaries. We feel in time you’ll come to appreciate this new tool for exactly this reason.

Subscribe via email and RSS to monitor Features:

Be sure to subscribe to Feature Requests that you’re interested in and receive real time, or once daily, notifications when new comments are made. You can modify these options in your Profile Settings Area ( ). Subscribing to individual Feature Requests is also useful during the implementation phase as our Developers may utilize the subscribers to gain clarity on a specific function, previous comments or other needed feedback. There’s also a RSS Feed for the site you can access from the bottom of the main page, or click here to view it: cPanel Feature Requests RSS Feed ( ).

All submissions are queued for moderation:

Moderation can take time and will occur for multiple reasons. This can include reviewing the proposed Feature for duplicates, gaining additional clarification from the original poster, feasibility, and in some cases even modifying the request itself in some way to provide more clarity. It is not our intention to modify the intent in this case, but provide a full scope of the Feature being requested as needed. It is our goal to have all Features, in most cases, reviewed within 3 business days. Comments are also moderated to prevent SPAM, and it is our goal to have approved comments posted within 2 business days.

A brief guide on writing a good Feature Request:

Search the current Features posted to see if it already exists. For example, type Clone cPanel Server into the yellow search box and hit โ€˜Continueโ€™. Do any of the the Feature Requests shown in the results fit your idea? If yes, you can comment on, and or vote, for that Feature Request with one click.
If no results are found, or none sound like the one you want to post, click the New Feature button.
Create a proper title for the Feature Request! Good Example: Clone cPanel Server Configuration, Bad Example: copy important files and stuff.
Write a proper Description of the Feature you’re interested in.
Tell us about specific functionality you’re looking for (the more details the better).
Attach files or screenshots that may help add value to your proposed Feature.
Down below your description, select the appropriate categories that best describe your proposed Feature.
Using our example Feature Request: Clone cPanel Server Configuration, the categories, Backups, File management and Migrations might apply.
Tag your Feature Request! Tags, as you know, make it easier to group similar items and increase search effectiveness over time.
That’s it! Click the Post Response button and you’re done!

Please click this link to visit the cPanel Feature Requests System ( Questions or comments can be sent to cPanel Customer Service (
* As the community grows to use this system more, we may make additional changes and improvements to how votes are allocated.