In the technology sphere, many of us typify the 90s and early 2000s as the age of the internet boom. The dotcom bonanza that swept the globe during this time, which gave birth to such things as AOL and Napster, also spawned what was the congruent rise for web hosting and the need for server management. Among those at the helm of the hosting movement were John and Ethan, founders of Platinum Server Management, Inc.. Technologists with an acute sense for business, the duo turned a small project into a large successful server management firm. And while now, in 2016, names such as AOL and Napster have become part of the fossil records of the interwebs, John has shared with cPanel the competitive advantage that allowed his company to stand the test of technological time.

John doesn’t mince his words. The visionary behind Platinum Server Management has no hesitation when it comes to sharing the philosophy of the unbeatable services that his firm can offer hosts. In business for over 18 years fortifying their position as the leaders of server management, John attributes the company’s longevity to the fact that they found a niche early on, and have simply become the best at it. Platinum Server Management specializes in the administration of cPanel based servers. Over 99% of the more than 3,000 servers they manage and monitor on a monthly basis run cPanel, allowing them to be more efficient which results in faster replies and faster resolutions.

Platinum Server Management’s position as the preeminent resource for cPanel server management was only bolstered by the commitment they have to their customers and the two guiding principles that they feel exemplify good customer service:

You shouldn’t have to pay for something you’re not happy with.

“Having an upset customer isn’t worth keeping their money,” John explains, as to why he abides by the belief that someone should never have to pay for something they’re not happy with. “It’s just the cost of doing business.”


Define your service.
Platinum Server Management isn’t secretive about their Service Level Agreement
(SLA) or the service they provide. He believes in letting prospective clients know when they just aren’t a right fit, and goes even a step further to help them find the right solution, even if it is not with them.
As a matter of fact, nearly every page of their website clearly details the services they
offer and what their customers can expect from them every step of the way. “A lot of people
offer SLAs that they can’t back up,” John explains, as to why they are committed to
working within the terms of their agreements and why it’s yielded them a dedicated
customer base.

With a dedication to customer service and a commitment to being the best at what they do, it’s no wonder that Platinum Server Management has grown to be the largest server management provider in the USA and has outlasted many others and thrived in an industry where many have come and gone.

Their work is far from over. With continual improvement of their services and additional services on the horizon, John is ready to bring Platinum Server Management through another few decades of growth.