Mark your calendar. On December 16th, rather than clicking aimlessly around the web, we encourage you to take some time out of your day to join our friends over at Weebly for their webinar on Strategies to Grow Your Business in Today’s Climate. In conjunction with the folks that put on HostingCon, Penton, this webinar, led by VP of MTM Technologies, Bill Kleyman, will explore how cloud computing is fundamentally revolutionizing the way business is done, in addition to the support and types of services that hosting providers can offer.

Contributing editor Bill Kleyman will discuss best practices to differentiate yourself in a competitive landscape. This will include a checklist of the offerings re-sellers/hosting companies must have to effectively serve their customers. Kleyman will also offer guidance to businesses (customers) as they build their hosting strategy. For example, they should definitely consider the following questions – Are you hosting an e-commerce site or just an application? Are you supporting a web portal with back-end systems and data bases? How prepared is your cloud provider around business continuity and reliability? Most of all – can your cloud and hosting provider supporting your business and help you grow? Attend this webinar to learn how businesses can directly align with cloud and hosting providers to create more agility, growth, and go-to-market strategies.

Speaker: Bill Kleyman

Register for the event now and be sure to tune in on December 16th.

Stay tuned to the cPanel Blog to learn more about an additional webinar that our friends at Weebly will be hosting at the top of the new year, Getting Started In 2016: Differentiate your Hosting Company with Best-in-Class Website Builders.”