We’re obsessed in this society with speed. We always want a fast car, fast internet speed, fast food…but, what about faster software updates?

For the last several months, the Code Monkeys, EasyApache, and Internal Development Scrum teams have worked to improve the httpupdate system, and we are pleased to announce that the new the FastUpdate Cache httpupdate system has been released. This system will reduce the time that it takes you to download cPanel & WHM software updates to your servers.

The FastUpdate Cache system

The FastUpdate Cache system monitors the httpupdate servers for the latest cPanel & WHM updates and downloads them to servers with the FastUpdate Cache RPM installed. We refer to these servers as FastUpdate Cache mirrors. These mirrors accept update requests from cPanel & WHM servers and provide them with the most recent software versions. This system allows large partners and resellers to speed up new feature installations for their customers’ cPanel & WHM servers.

When you install the FastUpdate Cache RPM, you can configure your cPanel & WHM servers to download updates from the mirror. FastUpdate Cache mirrors allow for easy participation in the httpupdate network, and simplifies cPanel & WHM software deployment for customers whose servers are already on the network.

Installation and system requirements

The FastUpdate Cache system only works on CentOS 7 servers. If you do not run CentOS 7 on your servers, you can do either of the following:

  • Upgrade to CentOS 7 and experience the joy of the FastUpdate Cache system.
  • Stop reading this blog and go do something else.

The CentOS 7 server on which you install the FastUpdate Cache RPM must have the following configurations:

  • At least 45 gigabytes (GB) of available disk space (we recommend that you maintain at least 50 GB of available disk space)
  • The firewalld daemon installed
  • SELinux disabled

FastUpdate Cache system benefits

So we have this brand new httpupdate system, but you think, “I really like the old httpupdate system. Why should I use this newfangled FastUpdate Cache system?” We strongly encourage you to use the new FastUpdate Cache httpupdate system and take advantage of the following benefits:

  • You can access cPanel & WHM updates much faster.
  • You only have to download a cPanel & WHM software update one time.
    • You can use this download to install cPanel & WHM updates across all of your servers more quickly.
  • Your servers’ updates will only consume local internet traffic.
  • Your servers’ bandwidth consumption will be greatly reduced.

In short, this new system brings you and your customers faster downloads with less traffic.

If you are interested in setting up a server using this system, please log in to Manage2 and look for “Fast Update Cache System FAQ” under the “Documentation” heading. Happy updating!