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WebPros Summit is an annual gathering of the web hosting community, and we want everyone to stay secure online for this year’s event. That’s why we’ve partnered with WLVPN to provide free VPN service to all of this year’s attendees. Here’s everything you need to know.

WLVPN is here to keep you and your customers safe by protecting your internet privacy. We’re proud to be the official VPN sponsor of WebPros Summit. At WebPros Summit we’ll be showcasing our WHMCS plugin, which makes it easy for service providers to start selling VPN services.

WLVPN was launched in 2012, with many of us coming from the hosting industry – in fact, our management team has more than 100 years of combined hosting experience! We’re now providing a way for service providers to differentiate, and grow their business, by offering VPN services.

What is WLVPN?

WLVPN is a white-label VPN solution for service providers – hence the name. With WLVPN’s SDKs and customizable software, service providers can easily add VPN services to their current offerings and expand their solutions portfolio. This represents a tremendous opportunity for revenue growth, as the VPN industry is expected to grow to larger than $36 billion USD by 2022.

Our new WHMCS plugin, available for demo at WebPros Summit, empowers service providers with the complete solution to seamlessly integrate VPN services into their business. With the WHMCS plugin, you’ll be able to sell VPN services as a standalone service or as an upsell to your existing hosting customer base. Your customers can completely manage their VPN services through WHMCS as they would their hosting services today.

How Do I Access the Free WebPros Summit WLVPN App?

With corporate data breaches at an all-time high, protecting your company’s trade secrets and your own personal privacy is more important than ever. But while web vulnerabilities are everywhere, you don’t have to put your company or yourself at risk. We are providing a free mobile app to keep you safe online with encrypted internet connections. Whether you’re traveling to the WebPros Summit, browsing online in your hotel room, or attending events at the conference, WLVPN has you covered. 

To get started with the free WebPros Summit VPN mobile app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click here, or type in your mobile device’s web browser address bar.
  1. Download the free WebPros Summit VPN app on your mobile device
  2. Open the app and enter your email address. You now have access to encrypted network connections!

We look forward to meeting you at WebPros Summit!

Don’t miss your opportunity to see how you can grow your business. Download the WebPros Summit VPN app, and schedule a time to meet with the team at