Your privacy is important, and securing your data is part of our mission here at cPanel. Because of this, we regularly review our privacy policy and privacy practices to refine them and to make sure that they accurately reflect how we collect, process, use, and store information. Based on our most recent review, we’ve made changes to our privacy policy.

To help you understand these changes, you can follow this link to see a redline of our new privacy policy against our prior privacy policy. Below is a summary of the material changes we’ve made. Of course, this is just a summary, so please refer to our privacy policy for the details, which will govern. If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out to us at

  • We’ve broadened the scope of our privacy policy so that it now applies to all of cPanel’s corporate websites. (Paragraph 2.3, and as necessary throughout the privacy policy)
  • We’ve clarified the circumstances when we are the controller of data. (Paragraph 2.5)
  • We’ve created a section that sets out when you may object to the processing of data. (Paragraph 7.3)
  • We’ve added a section that sets out how we use the information received from Google Analytics. (Paragraph 21.2) 
    • Google Analytics is enabled by default in cPanel & WHM and our Corporate Sites. 
    • We’ve included instructions on how to disable Google Analytics, how that action may impact your use of cPanel & WHM and our Corporate Sites.
  • Schedule 1 has been modified to include our use of Zendesk for outsourced ticketing.
  • Schedule 2 has been modified to reflect the fact that Google Analytics is enabled by default.
  • Schedule 2 has been modified to reflect the use of “Hotjar” to optimize our Corporate Sites.

If you have any further questions about the privacy policy updates or wish to discuss anything cPanel related, please join us on our official Discord channel, our official cPanel subreddit, or our Support Forum.