Inside of 11.25.1 we are introducing a new feature called “database mapping” .  Despite the vague name, this feature has huge implications for integrated applications, transfers from non-cPanel servers and custom themes.  What this does is remove the restraint of MySQL database and usernames having to be prefixed by the cPanel account’s username.

The benefit of the DB Mapping feature is that when transferring accounts from non-cpanel systems, the database name will now be preserved rather than having to hunt it down in configuration files and waste extra time on account migrations.  The other benefit is that users will not longer have the confusion of having their username automatically prefixed to the database name.  When they create a database it will be the string that they type into cPanel.

The core DB Mapping functionality has been factored into the cPanel code, however the new behavior is not exposed in the cPanel interface until you enable it, i.e. ‘opt-in.’  This design provides two key benefits. 1) If you’re migrating from  a non-cPanel system the database names will stay perfectly intact and 2) It eases the transition from the old, username prefixes, to the new non-prefix database names; you can chose when the best time is to offer this functionality and it’s just a click away.

To enable DB Mapping and remove the prefix behavior, a Tweak Settings toggle as been added.  Enabling ones cPanel system will have no effect on pre-existing databases.  CPanel interfaces and database creation will still continue to function as it has until you ‘opt-in’ from this Tweak Setting.

The affect of this on themes and integrated applications is that there will be the addition of new API calls to handle the new system of managing databases.  Some backwards compatibility may be broken in the move to the new system, so please beware!

We will have a blog post detailing the technical details of this system around the same time that we release 11.25.1 to EDGE.