Older versions of operating systems used prelink to preprocess modules and improve system performance. However, newer operating systems do not require prelink for performance enhancement. Also, the prelink module has compatibility issues with our RPM system, and we removed support for prelink in cPanel & WHM version 54.

Soon, we will add the removal of prelink to our Autofixer repository. cPanel & WHM version 11.50 and later will automatically remove prelink from your system. For more information about Autofixer, read our WHM FAQ.

To configure WHM Autofixer to skip the removal of prelink from your server, run the following command to create the /var/cpanel/dont_remove_prelink touchfile:

touch /var/cpanel/dont_remove_prelink

Please note that the Autofixer will remove prelink from your system and the cPanel binaries, but it will not uninstall prelink from files outside of the cPanel binaries.

Thank you.