MariaDB has announced a significant change in its release schedule. Prior to this change, the major version release was once per year with 5 years of support. As per the announcement however, releases will now be quarterly with just one year of support.  

This change coincides with the intention of the organization to launch an enterprise server exclusively for its subscribers, and is expected to potentially impact overall use of the community version of the software in production environments. 

The press release does point to “joint work with the (Linux) distributions” to begin providing extended support as well as compensate and adapt to the new release schedule. 

Moving forward, cPanel will only be supporting the Long Term Support release. Please note that as of this change, we will not be supporting MariaDB 10.7, 10.8, or 10.9 since they will be now be reaching end-of-life sometime in 2023. 

For full information, you can read the official MariaDB announcement here

You can also view MariaDB’s full release information here