It’s been quite a ride since cPanel introduced free hostname SSL certificates in version 56. In cPanel & WHM version 60, we are adding the ability to purchase wildcard certificates through the cPanel interface. Since wildcard certificates are the newest SSL certificate product that we have introduced, let’s go over the certificate options that cPanel & WHM currently offers.

Gain trust with your free hostname certificate

Beginning with cPanel & WHM version 56, cPanel offers a free SSL certificate for every licensed cPanel & WHM hostname. This domain validated (DV) certificate provides security for your cPanel accounts’ login, and gives cPanel account users the confidence that their session information is protected.

Earn money through DV certificate sales

WHM’s Market, also released v56, gives WHM system administrators, like you, the ability to sell DV SSL certificates directly to their cPanel users. Your cPanel users can purchase cPanel- or Comodo-branded certificates through the SSL/TLS Wizard interface. When your users purchase these certificates, you earn a commission that you can redeem through the cPanel Store. You can activate cPanel’s SSL/TLS Wizard interface through WHM’s Market Provider Manager interface.

Free 90-day certificates through AutoSSL

We introduced AutoSSL in cPanel & WHM version 58. AutoSSL provides system administrators the ability to issue free, renewable 90-day SSL certificates to their cPanel account holders. Currently, we offer two different certificate providers in AutoSSL. WHM already includes cPanel (backed by Comodo) 90-day certificates, plus you can install a Let’s Encrypt plugin for AutoSSL. No matter how you use these, your cPanel users can benefit when you provide free SSL certificates through AutoSSL.

If you’d like to write your own plugin module for AutoSSL, you will be able to do so in cPanel & WHM version 60.

Get wild with wildcard certificates

For version 60, cPanel & WHM will provide the ability to sell wildcard certificates to your cPanel users through a simplified SSL/TLS Wizard interface in cPanel. You can use the cPanel Market in WHM’s Market Provider Manager interface to manage the cPanel Market products that you sell through the wizard.

Coming soon

We continue to expand your SSL certificate choices beyond DV and wildcard in future versions of cPanel & WHM. We plan to have organization validation (OV) and extended validation (EV) certificates available for sale in the future.

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