The fight to prevent internet service providers from being able to decide what you are allowed to do and see on the internet continues today. The FCC is set to vote on December 14th, 2017 (just two days from now) to repeal a set of rules put in place in 2015 that classify internet access as a Title II utility. If removed, internet service providers like Comcast and AT&T will no longer be prohibited from limiting access to websites as they see fit, which means bad news for big and small companies alike.

We were part of theย protest in July, and join the protests over the next three days, to help remind you: your voice is the only thing that will influence the FCC.

Take a moment to let your government representatives know how important this is to you. Then teach your friends and family why it matters, and help them reach out as well. All of us working together can keep the internet open to everyone.

Update 12/14/17

We are saddened by the results of the vote today, but will continue to fight for equality and freedom for the entire internet.