Coming Soon to an EasyApache installation near you – Tomcat 7!

Some things in life get better with age; wine, a classic car, cheese, and fine art. Sadly, Tomcat 5.5 isn’t one of them. With Tomcat 7 an administrator can expect several improved features including memory optimization, refactored clustering, and increased security options. These enhancements will benefit both server administrators and website owners with quicker response time and security measures for Java applications.  

Tomcat 7 has many updates including, but not limited to:

– Several Patches from Apache for Tomcat 7

Tomcat 7 Patches

– Simplified Library Structure

– Support for Java 6 and 7

– JSP 2.2

– JSP 2.2 Expression Language Specifications

– Servlet 3.0 (Supports Asynchronous Servlets)

– Protection against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CRFS) Attacks

– Simplified XML and Cookie Validation

We’re hoping to gather your thoughts, concerns, questions, comments, hopes and dreams, and while we’re better equipped to answer your EasyApache and Tomcat questions and concerns, we’ll try our best for all the rest.

We understand that some Tomcat 5.5 installations have evolved into unique setups in EasyApache. We are keeping that in mind when introducing Tomcat 7 to EasyApache, and it will be invaluable to hear your stories about how you currently use Tomcat 5.5. This will help the EasyApache team during our development and testing of Tomcat 7.

Thank you all in advance for your feedback and questions. Please visit the Tomcat homepage for more information: Apache Tomcat 7 (7.0.37) – Documentation Index