This year we’ve introduced several innovative features and enhancements designed to lead the industry in web hosting management and security. Today, we want to take a closer look at the incredible added-value solutions that cPanel has brought to the table in 2023.

Manage Team: Empowering Collaboration and Control

We’ve taken a massive leap forward in fostering collaboration and control within web hosting environments with the introduction of Manage Team. This feature is all about enhancing collaboration and security within teams of all sizes.

What sets Manage Team apart is its ability to delegate specific roles and permissions to different users. By assigning roles such as Owner, Administrative Assistant, Technical Support, and Billing, account holders can ensure controlled access to various account functions. This not only streamlines tasks and responsibilities, but also enhances collaboration, facilitates task delegation, and safeguards sensitive settings.

Manage Team is included with all cPanel Premier licenses, and is also offered as value-add packages for different team sizes, from a 3-member small team, to a 5-member standard team, or even a 7-member large team.

In a world where efficient teamwork is essential, Manage Team empowers users to work together seamlessly.

Two-Factor Authentication for Webmail: Strengthening Security

Simply put, security is paramount. We understand the importance of safeguarding your online presence, and that’s why we’ve implemented Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for WebMail. This powerful feature adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that even if your password is compromised, unauthorized access is prevented without the second authentication factor.

As security regulations tighten, 2FA is expected to become a requirement for email access in the European Union and beyond. By adopting 2FA, cPanel ensures that your account is fortified with an additional authentication step beyond the password. This essential safeguard significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access, countering the dangers of password-based attacks and unauthorized logins. 

AlmaLinux ELevate Project: A Seamless Transition

For server administrators, the impending end-of-life of CentOS 7 in mid-2024 poses a significant challenge. cPanel responded with the AlmaLinux ELevate Project, which is based off of the Open Source AlmaLinux ELevate project. This groundbreaking initiative enables a smooth and hassle-free transition from CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8, or other supported operating systems, without incurring additional costs or requiring complex server or network configuration changes.

Server owners facing the deadline can now breathe a collective sigh of relief. Thanks to our AlmaLinux Elevate Project, the transition to AlmaLinux 8 can be easily automated. This practical solution becomes particularly beneficial for those managing a substantial number of servers. We are very pleased with how this project highlights our unwavering commitment to supporting server administrators and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

For server owners not wanting to move to AlmaLinux, the same process can be used to upgrade to Ubuntu, which we began officially supporting over a year ago. Known for its user-friendliness and efficiency, Ubuntu is another excellent choice for web hosting management. 

Updated Translations: Promoting Global Accessibility

We believe in breaking down language barriers and fostering inclusivity in the digital world. That’s why we’ve made a significant investment in updating and improving our in-product translations; we are now very pleased to have professional-grade translations for our control panel interface. cPanel is currently available in German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese.

These new translations open up a whole new world of possibilities for users from diverse linguistic backgrounds. With our updated translations, individuals worldwide can effortlessly navigate and utilize our robust suite of website and server management capabilities in their preferred language.

By offering these new translations, we’re not just simplifying the user experience; we’re also expanding our ability to better serve a broader international audience. 

Expanded OS Support: Hyperscalers and Cloud Deployments

As CentOS 7 became unsupported by cPanel starting in version 112, the need to support alternative operating systems became crucial. We’re proud to have risen to the occasion and expanded our OS support, providing you with even more options for streamlined cloud deployments. 

Our support now includes AlmaLinux 8, Rocky Linux 8, and (the aforementioned) Ubuntu on cloud providers such as AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode, Azure, and Amazon Lightsail ensures a seamless and hyperscale marketplace experience for you, enabling you to deploy cPanel & WHM instances on your preferred cloud platforms.

Embracing the Future with cPanel

We’re proud to showcase our commitment to innovation, security, and customer satisfaction. In 2023, we’ve once again introduced a range of added-value solutions that simplify and transform the way you manage your web hosting environment. From enhanced collaboration and security features to smoother server transitions and seamless operating system in-place upgrade paths, cPanel is empowering users like you to unlock the full potential of your online presence.

But this is just the beginning. Looking ahead, we’ll be launching a powerful website builder native to cPanel that will make it easier than ever to get your idea online in no time.

More updates and innovations are on the horizon as we continue to shape the web hosting industry. Together we’ll continue creating the most trusted ecosystem for web professionals worldwide!