Send Your Server Backups to Google Drive

You requested and we’ve delivered. Striking the number 4 most requested feature off of our to do list, we’ve made backing up your websites more versatile and more powerful than ever.

Now in version 66 of cPanel & WHM, hosting providers can back up their websites to Google Drive. No more taking up space on your local machine, this update allows system administrators to use 15 gigs of free Google Drive cloud storage to remotely store their data and access it from anywhere in the world.

“We’re pretty excited to deliver a highly requested feature that’s going to be saving people money,” says Koree Smith, a cPanel Product Owner. “We chose to use Google Drive for remote backups because of its speed — but it’s only the first step in a series of really exciting updates we’re making to the backup process.”  

As with many of our highly requested features, cPanel enthusiasts had already been creating work arounds and hacks to sync and backup their data to Google Drive. Now, all system administrators have to do to start using Google Drive as a remote backup destination is to set up the Google Drive API for your Google account, create account credentials, then head to WHM to create a transport.


Minimum Free Disk Space Update

Also included in our backup updates are our enhancements to the minimum free disk space. New installs of cPanel will check for a minimum 5% of free disk space before allowing backups on your machine by default. Users can adjust the minimum allowance by percentage of space, megabytes, or choose to completely disable this feature altogether.

Allotted disk space for backups can save a lot of headaches down the line so head to Backup Configs in WHM and make sure the Enabled box is checked under the Minimum Free Disk Space Check section.