Do you have a product or service offering that you would like to integrate with cPanel? I can help you with that. We are frequently approached by companies and individuals who have realized the incredible opportunity presented by integrating their offerings with the cPanel & WHM control panel. We are committed to providing a product that can easilybe extended to meet your needs. The sections below contain more information about integrating with cPanel and WHM.

We have adopted a plugin design for our integration method. While loosely defined, a plugin is a collection of items associated with your application.  These items are usually bundled with an installation and uninstallation application to assist with deployment. A plugin may be as simple as a link in the interface to a resource on another server or as complex as a collection of code that extends cPanel’s APIs along with standalone applications that run in a cPanel/WHM execution environment.

cPanel Integration
cPanel’s documentation is a great place to begin exploring integration with cPanel. The Creating a cPanel Plugin document will have you well on your way towards integration nirvana. I also recommend that everyone interested in integrating with cPanel take a look at the cPanel Install File Generator. This is a web application that allows you to answer a few questions and generate a cpanelplugin file.

WHM Integration
To integrate with WHM, you will have to write a CGI plugin script that contains a few special comments that control how the plugin is displayed in the WHM interface.  With this CGI application, you can redirect users to an external source or an internal source written in PHP.  For more information about integrating with WHM, you can read our Creating a WHM Plugin document.

Integration Support
You can receive support for an integration issue in a number of ways.  To simply request information, you can visit our developer discussion forums. This community consists of an active group of knowledgeable developers and cPanel employees. If you have an issue that you needs direct attention, you can submit a ticket to our highly trained technical analysts.

We are always interested in hearing about new ways to extend our product’s functionality. If you have an idea, you can submit a feature request using our Feature Requests page.

Development Licenses
We also offers product licenses specifically for integration developers. These licenses offer complete product functionality and are perfect for your plugin development environment. You simply need to install cPanel on a supported OS with a publicly accessible static IP address. To begin the application process for a developer license, please visit our  Developer License Application page.

Marketing, Co-Branding, and Product Placement
We are always excited to hear from our customers and user about what they have done to improve and extend our product’s functionality. If you have been working on a plugin for cPanel, we would love to hear about it. We are committed to delivering great value to our customers and would love to help shareyour great ideas with the cPanel/WHM community. In the future, we plan to establish a market place where authors can easily share their inventions.

Generally, we do not market other services directly to our customers (unless there is a really incredible reason to do so). If you are looking to have your plugin distributed and approved by cPanel, please bear in mind that there is a very high standard of excellence you must achieve before we will approve and help distribute your plugin. Please remember, cPanel is a control panel, not a marketing platform. Including 3rd party plugins with a default cPanel installation will always be the exception and not the rule. We are sure that our customers appreciate this stance.